What To Do When Pests Take Over Your Home

23 Sep What To Do When Pests Take Over Your Home

The idea of pest invasion in a home doesn’t go too well with so many homeowners. Terming pests as annoying and frustrating is actually more of an understatement. Pests such as rats and cockroaches cause so much damage leaving you feeling so disappointed and agitated. The presence of pests in your home only means one thing, your home is dirty. Pests, for instance, rats dwell in a filthy area where they can easily get food.

Your kitchen cleanliness shouldn’t be anything short of spectacular cleanliness. The kitchen is sensitive because this is where you are likely to find many cockroaches and rodents coming out of there hiding places in search of food. So how do you deal with a pest infestation? This is a question that occupies the mind of many homeowners who have no clue on how to tame these menace-causing creatures. However, here are some great ways of dealing with a pest infestation.

The Cause Of The Infestation.

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The first step of dealing with a pest infestation is finding out what caused it. Cockroaches, flies, and rodents are some common pests that infest so many houses. These three pests are attracted by a rather filthy surrounding. Flies are dangerous since they can easily spread diseases. Rodents on the other hand feast on so many things including garments, wood, and even rubber. However, having a cluttered and an unhygienic set up has to be the leading reason as to why pests will come knocking at your door.

Your house, in particular, the kitchen area has to have top-notch tidiness and sanity. This will greatly help keep rodents and cockroaches at bay. After cooking your meals, ensure all the utensils are cleaned especially at night since that’s when rodents and cockroaches crawl out of their hiding to look for food. Any leftover food and all water jerrycans should always remain tightly closed.

Determine the kind of pests that have invaded your house.

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In some cases, you may only have one type of pest that has infested your home while in other cases you may have several pests playing around in your home. The remedy of dealing with pests vary depending on the pests, in a nutshell, the approach of eradicating pests is different for every pest. This will help you determine which action steps you shall take. For instance, if you are dealing with rodents’ infestation, you will be able to know whether to buy traps or buy poison that will kill the rodents or call in a professional exterminator. However, choose a course of action that will bear you positive results. While at it, also find out how far the infestation has extended so that you can come up with an effective method.

Have all entries points properly sealed.

Pests don’t just find a way to your house miraculously. Rats squeeze their way to your home in any tiny hole they will find. One or two rats that will invade your house will start multiplying and within no time you have an empire of rats to deal with. The same applies to cockroaches. Flies will use even the tiniest of holes to gain access to your home meaning that you have to ensure all openings are tightly sealed. It will be very prudent for you to pay great attention when sealing your door frames and window frames. This is to ensure there isn’t any space for any pest to use to gain access to your home. If you have pipes that run in and out of your house, you should ensure that they are properly closed. This helps trap the pests in your house giving you a better shot at dealing with them.

Embrace a clean environment.

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When dealing with a pest infestation, one of the remedies include ensuring your environment looks nothing less than tidy and clean. First and foremost, ensure your litter bins are emptied and remain clean. Essentially, this ensures that the rodents have no food hence they will starve or forced to move to another environment. Nevertheless, ensure that the grass in your yard remains short and that any stagnant water is immediately drained. The essence of doing this is that you are eliminating the breeding ground for mosquitoes which can be very detrimental to your health especially during rainy season. A clean surrounding keeps many pests at bay.

Don’t allow fruits to overripe.

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Fruits that are overripe tend to attract a lot of flies most of the times. Fruits such as bananas easily ripen when placed in the fruit basket for such a long time. This means you will have many flies to deal with. To add on that, cockroaches will love to take a bite of your fruits so it would be prudent for you to keep your fruits in a safe place that no rat or cockroach will reach.


Call an exterminator.

If the pest infestation is too difficult for you to handle there’s always an option for you to call in a professional pest exterminator. If you had employed your own techniques and they aren’t really bearing any results, then it’s high time you seek help from pests control department in your area. These guys will not only help you eradicate the pests but will also teach you on measures to prevent pest infestation in your house.

The above method will come in handy as you try to deal with these destructive creatures. Pests such as termites are very destructive as they eat away wood. Dealing with pest infestation is very tasking and involves a lot of patience. Rodents can be clever and sometimes they can’t easily walk into a trap as easily as you might think, so patience is very important. However, ensure you have employed preventive measures so as to ensure that you don’t deal with another pest infestation in your house. These pests can really deny you peace and joy in your home if they aren’t dealt with in a proper manner. Conclusively, prevention is always better than cure.

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