Ways You Can Decorate Your House Using Mirrors

15 Jul Ways You Can Decorate Your House Using Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors is one of the best ways of maximizing your home’s style. Mirrors top the list of being the best home accessories one can use. This is because they are not only functional, stylish and appealing but also brighten your home, which in turn makes it look bigger. They also have the power to create an optical illusion showing your room with more depth. Mirrors will miraculously make your room look twice the size itinis. Additionally, they can reflect images from the opposite wall creating a striking effect.

Decorating with mirrors is easy and irrespective of where you place it, it will always open up your room and work miracles. In spite of mirrors being very fashionable, frankly, most people use them for functional purposes like checking their image. Therefore, they miss out on a great opportunity to create a jaw-dropping centerpiece. The following are ways you can use mirrors to create a show-stopping look of your home:-

Mirrors As The Centerpiece

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Mirrors can be a great statement piece for your favorite room. This doesn’t essentially refer to the size of the mirror, but the frame. When you are shopping for mirrors don’t feel confined in your frame choice, the bolder a the better. The frame gives identity to your mirror style whether traditional or modern. For better effect, ensure your choice of mirror style coincides with your home décor theme. If alluring you guest’s attention and having them thinking they should get that for their house is the effect you want, then mirrors will sort you out just fine.

Use Mirrors As Art

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Mirrors can have the same effect as an exquisite piece of art will. Many have grossly underrated this functionality of the mirror yet it can be a powerful tool. Just like art, one major piece can pull it off but the more the merrier. On that account, you can create an eye-catching piece by grouping the mirrors together in an appealing pattern. While you are at it, ensure that your mirrors are in proportion to each other and the wall. In creating a cohesive grouping, you may consider using mirrors of a similar colored frame though in different sizes and shapes. If well done, grouped mirrors can create a gorgeous visual appeal. A bonus: you can try out the salon style across the hallway.

Mirrors As Decorative Accessories

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Most people use mirrors to check their images but few exploit them as accessories. They give you a good opportunity to lighten up and express your home décor. You are not confined under any rules as to how or where to place them. This is because they majorly just open up your space and make it look bigger. Therefore, you are free to let your creativity take charge. Use of mirrors also gives your room an authentic look. Floor mirrors, probably at the end of a hall way opposite a flower or plant can be a great way to change your space from flat to elaborate. It also gives you a good dramatic effect

Mirrors As A Slide Door

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A slide door is a hallway gift, especially in tiny homes. Instilling a mirror on your slide wall as finishing not only gives character to your décor, but also makes it look much more bigger and better. Decorating with mirrors will also assist you in hiding places you don’t want other people to see because it’s creatively concealing. At the same time, you will be able to look at your image effortlessly plus enlarging the size and depth of your room. And, of course, your home will look very trendy and stylish.

Using Mirrors In Entryways

Do you want to make an impressive first impression of your home? If yes, then consider using mirror(s) in your entryway. One of the reasons why this will immensely work, is because most hallways are deprived of natural light.Since mirrors are popularly known for their ability to open up space by reflecting light, it will open up your hallway. Therefore, bringing warmth to the little space. It’s such a subtle action to take yet it gives back a homey and cozy vibe that anyone would die to achieve.

Mirrors In Your Kitchen

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Unlike what most people think, mirrors would look great in the kitchen and might be the exact change you need. Most kitchens are tiny compared to the kind of activities that occurs there. On that account, your kitchen might easily look depressing and that is where mirrors have your back. They will reflect the light around, instantly making your space look bigger and better. The most effective way of using mirrors in your kitchen is by having them fixed. You can have them as walls or on kitchen cabinets. And by mirrors, it doesn’t necessarily mean you use the normal ones, you can have yours back splashed. Not mentioning the bling it gives your kitchen!

Mirrors in your bathroom

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Frankly speaking, most bathrooms have mirrors but just over the sink. Which is definitely okay, but that’s just it, your bathroom will just be okay. But if you want more color to it, instill a full wall mirror. This could be anywhere around the bathroom, it might be behind the tab, on the slid door or even on the ceiling. Not only does it give character to your bathroom but also makes it look bigger. Which is superb.

Mirrors in your bedroom

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When it comes to the bedroom, habitually, people will use mirrors for analyzing their look and physique. But who says that is its only function in the bedroom? Good news is, mirrors can be used to create a romantic atmosphere. This is after choosing the right mirror that coincides with your bedroom décor. Then complement it by lighting candles which will be reflected, creating an immense romantic ambiance.

Mirrors are great when used correctly. They basically don’t have strict rules to follow therefore anyone can pull off a great look. As you incorporate some of these ways, be assured of a one of a kind look.



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