Ways On How To Make Your Home Smell amazing

23 Sep Ways On How To Make Your Home Smell amazing

You can make your home smell lovely and inviting, making guests want to stay longer. You don’t have to necessarily use chemical perfumes and fresheners if you don’t like them. There are simple ways to keep your home smelling fresh and natural and some of them are as follows:-

  1. Air Out Your Home

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The first thing you need to do is air it all out. Open the windows and doors and let fresh air come in.  Let the windows in every room stay open and for a couple of hours to let the breeze come in from all areas of your home.  The old musty air will not have any other choice but make room for clean fresh air. If you are doing your airing when there no slightest movement of wind or breeze outside, there is a simple solution. Just keep your windows open and then turn on your ceiling fans and place box fans or desk fans near windows to draw in the fresh air. In case it is too cold outside, you could simply leave the windows open for a few minutes and let your rooms be aerated.

  1. Tackle The Source Of Bad Smell.

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How often you aerate or spray your home with air fresheners if you don’t eliminate the culprits you will still have a yucky smell after a couple of hours. Some of the common odor sources are, pet beds, garbage disposal, damp laundry, ancient fridge leftovers, mildewed bathroom, the drains, trash cans, diaper pails, dirty throw rugs, dusty surfaces, musty pillows, dead insects behind furniture, neglected oven, dirty laundry, dirty carpet and a lot more. Make sure you have sorted all these places and items in your home. You could start by decluttering to make your cleaning job easy.

  1. Burn, Spray and Smoke Out The Bad Smell

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Use lovely scented candles burn it out, natural air sprays to spray it out, incenses to smoke it out and plugins to combat the bad smells in your home.  Using candles, sprays, incenses and plugins are a fast and efficient way to bring in lovely fragrances in your home. Still, use these options only after you have eliminated the source of the bad smell.  Also, ensure that all the scents are at least complimentary if they are not the same for the best results.

Avoid using them in the kitchen area when you are cooking because the cooking smell mixing with the sprays and scented candles smell could be repulsive.

  1. Sprinkle Carpet Freshener Generously

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The carpet is a common odor source and sprinkling carpet freshener might help after it has had a washing of course. Give it a quick vacuum afterward or sweep it across the fibers for a longer lasting deodorizing. In case you don’t have a carpet refresher and you have no time to make some, consider a quick sprinkle of baby powder which works as great as the carpet freshener.  However, don’t use it on darker carpets because it could take a while to vacuum and if you are in a hurry it won’t do.

  1. Cook Delicious Smelling Food

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Not all food smells are bad but avoid the heavy greasy smells like bacon or garlic. Bake a bread, sauté a pan of fresh rosemary, stick some cinnamon sticking in the slow cooker and let the sweet smell welcome your guests when they arrive. That warm and sweet goodness will take over your house and every guest will be glad that they came.

  1. Prepare Your Own Potpourri

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This is very simple and effective way of making your home smells lovely and natural. All you need is a pan of water on your stove and then add great smelling items such as orange peels, cloves, Cinnamon sticks, essential oils, fresh rosemary and so on. That steam will carry the heavenly smell throughout the house. You can do that every day to have that heavenly smell linger in the home for a long time. Let your guests be reminded of your home when they ever encounter that lovely smell in future.

  1. A Quick Wipedown with a Household Cleaner

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Look for a natural household cleaner and use it to wipe on the surfaces like counters, furniture, tables, fridge and other un-fresh places before your guests begin arriving. Any lingering dust will be done away with leaving your home smelling fresh.

  1. Work That Washing Machine

The smell of freshly laundered clothes is wonderful and if you need your home to smell good as soon as you want it to, begin with that load of dirty laundry. Clean every bed sheet, cloth, sock, curtain and so on. When they are clean and folded the home will smell lovely.

  1. Cotton Ball Perfume Bombs

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This is a timeless practice that really works effectively when it comes to making your home smell fresh. Simply soak the cotton balls in your favorite scented oil or cologne and put them around the house out of sight. You could tuck them between cushions, behind furniture, in your vacuum canister, in silk flower arrangements and in other convenient places in your home.  Those little whiffs of loveliness are usually met by any guest roaming around in your home.

  1. Clean Regularly

Cleaning is the only way to keep your home smelling fresh and eliminate odors. If you don’t clean for a long time after you have used furniture polish, sprays, incense and carpet fresheners, the home will go back to that odor-filled place that you don’t like. Maintain high standards of cleanliness and your home will reward you with this fresh smell always.

No one loves a bad smelling home. It gets embarrassing when guests arrive and you start wishing that they go soon or they clearly start looking uncomfortable because of the terrible odors that permeate the air in your interiors.  Don’t let your home to reach such levels, begin cleaning, organizing and adding sweet smelling fragrances every day. Impromptu visits from the mother-in-law and other guests will no longer feel uncomfortable. You can then proudly show off your personal space because it is not only sparkling clean but smells great too.


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