Useful ways of keeping your home office organized

23 Jun Useful ways of keeping your home office organized

For a space that is quite small, your home office can collect an impressive amount of clutter. It is easy for a stack of files and papers to pile up considering this is where you place all of your financial, medical and educational files. Your office might be the most important room in your house because that is where the activity that pays for everything else occurs. It’s important, therefore, to know that how you set up your office.

This will greatly influence your productivity in ways that you will find impressive. When you have an organized home office, you literally reduce distractions and in the process saving time and positions you to success. It also gives you a sense of control over what you are doing, which is motivation enough to psych you up on doing more.

On the other hand, a cluttered and disorganized office not only reduces your productivity but also can affect your health by causing frustration and depression. For instance, you don’t want to be in a situation where you need a sales report, and you can’t remember whether you filed it under sales or some other report that seemed sensible at the time. This greatly wastes time and more often, becomes a turn off even to those you are working for.

Most people love the thought of working from home, but in reality, it’s not easy finding the balance between your personal and professional life. One will habitually get in the way of the other. And sadly, the personal life often takes the crown. That is one situation you don’t want to find yourself in. here are some guidelines on how you can bring order in your home office:

Clear your desk

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Since this is the place you spend most of your time, it is the best place to start. Clear off everything that’s on your desk. Just leave your computer and phone. Chances are, the surface is dirty from dust and coffee stains that were never cleaned out. In reference to the finishing of your desk, clean appropriately. A surface that is clean automatically looks more organized. If you rarely or never use the things on your desk, put them away. Whereas, arrange the ones used regularly neatly on the desk. Regularly means daily.

Get a good filing cabinet

Most of what clutters the office are files and documents. Losing a file in clutter gets as bad as it can get. It is frustrating because, ugh, you will need to go through almost every document by the time you get the appropriate one. It doesn’t have to be so, clear the office desk clutter and have a good filing system in place. Good filing systems ensure efficiency, ready reference and better control of your work. Ensuring you get the data you need when you need it. What marks out a good filing system is its simplicity, accessibility, compactness, and safety. It is important, however, to note that in reality, almost everyone has a filing system but most are the king of clutter. After you secure a good filing system, don’t just stuff it, organize it frequently.

Throw clutter away

Most offices are filled with files that we don’t need to use anymore but just can’t bring ourselves to throw them away. Yet, no office can be that generous with space and still be organized. Sort-throw your files, then throw or shred those that are unnecessary. This is a time you can get really indecisive, which is understandable, but you have to be brutal. Come on, do you really need the old business magazine? If there’s something important that can replace it, get rid of it. You actually have the power to keep that paper from piling up, if decluttering gets challenging.

Get important desk accessories

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Desk accessories help in maintaining the neatness of your desk. After clearing your working area, you will definitely need a pen or something you use regularly, and leaving it on your desk will just be adding clutter. You also need desk accessories to save on time –the time you use to get up to your filing cabinet to get what you use frequently. The key to having a desk setup is to improve your productivity by obtaining desk accessories that will improve productivity without causing clutter. For instance, consider getting a smartphone holder, pen, and paper holder, desk lamp or book and file folders (but don’t be overwhelming).

Personalize but don’t overdo it

Personalization never loses its charm. It gives character and personality to any space. As much as you want to maximize productivity, you also need your office to feel occupied. You need to familiarize with space. Add color to your desk with a picture frame of your family or friends. You can also add inspiration by having your favorite book or novel on your desk.

Organize your desktop

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Since most of the work now is done digitally, it stands to reason that your computer environment will greatly influence your productivity. First, start by choosing a wallpaper that is productivity-boosting and will put you in the mood. Before you do anything else, if you have a cluttered desktop, clear it by putting the items any folder first. It is easier to clean if you can get it out of the screen. Then create a filing system that suits our style. For instance, you can have one folder for sales documents and within that, one file per sale. It is also important to back up your important files at an external storage. Then you can toss out files you no longer need.

Develop a routine

Develop a habit of tidying up office space, before you call it a day. It is easy when working from home, for things that are totally not related to our work to find their way there. Therefore, by taking a minute of your time after work to clean your office, will greatly help start in the right foot the next day.

With all the above tips your home office will not only look professional but you will get more things accomplished from your desk.


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