Unexpected Uses For Your Home Appliance

15 Jul Unexpected Uses For Your Home Appliance

Every home appliance was manufactured to serve a certain distinct purpose. These appliances have really come in handy as they have made work so easier. For instance, a coffee maker has made the process of preparing coffee take less time, washing the dishes has become easier and fun thanks to the dishwasher. These appliances have become a necessity amongst most modern homeowners. Do you know one appliance can perform another task other than the intended one?  The essence of these hacks is that you don’t have to buy one too many appliances whereas you can have a reduced number of appliances since one device can perform several functions. Here are some great hacks about home appliances.

Coffee maker.

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It goes without saying that a coffee maker is a home appliance with a very distinct function, which is obviously making coffee. An intelligent and creative chef can attest that with access to only a coffee maker, he can prepare some great meals. A coffee maker can be used to boil eggs or even rice thus eliminating the need of having a rice cooker. Other than that, it can also be used to cook complex dishes. Isn’t it fascinating knowing how much a coffee maker can do other than making coffee?

Cleaning of jeans.

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Most people don’t often wash their favorite pair of jeans as they tend to fade away with time. Well, freezer, yes freezer, is ultimately your best solution. All you need to do is put your pair of jeans in an impervious bag and store it in this home  appliance for some time. Bacteria don’t tend to survive very well in cold surroundings so the cold temperatures in the freezer will kill any bacteria present in your pair of jeans. This method not only eliminates bacteria but also the smell of dirty jeans leaving your jeans smelling new. Nevertheless, if you have a computer hard disk that has crushed you can put it into the freezer and it will get revived, for a short time though, but you should be able to retrieve important files. Also, you can use your freezer to recharge NiMh and NiCd batteries when they are dead.

The dishwasher is your best solution.

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A dishwasher is an appliance that was designed to perform a number of duties but most people only relate dishwasher with dishes. This appliance can clean just about anything. It has the capability of killing bacteria while ensuring that original shape of items remains to be so. This appliance is designed to be gentle thus you can clean items that can easily lose their shape when put in the washing machine. Dishwashing machine is your best bet when it comes to cleaning not only dishes but also other items.


Rice cooker.

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This is an appliance with the potential of doing a number of activities, but don’t let its name restrict you. Steamed towels are very popular with high-end restaurants or even spa. These towels are used to relax the body prior to a body massage. Also, these towels can be used to wipe hands as they are capable of killing bacteria. However, cabinets used to warm these towels are rather expensive. There won’t be any need to buy a towel-warming cabinet while you have a rice cooker. You can easily warm and steam your towels using a rice cooker. Furthermore, there is a wide range of food that you can prepare using a rice cooker.

Use the oven to dehydrate food.

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The expensive cost of commercial dehydrators should not deny you the chance to enjoy the pleasant taste of dried food and fruits. If you have an oven then you can easily enjoy your dried meals round the clock. All you need to do is stack numerous cooling racks above each other. These racks are separated by balls of aluminum foil which are placed on the corners. You will probably need to remove the oven racks so that you can place the racks with the fruits on the bottom. Then remember to set the temperatures to 200 degrees then leave the fruits there for approximately six hours. From there you will be able to enjoy the sweet taste of dried fruits.


Disinfecting your sponges.

Sponges are a very useful tool in the kitchen. Sponges are used to clean dishes and in the process, they can get bacteria if they are not properly maintained. It wouldn’t be such a good idea to clean your dishes with a dirty sponge that is host to numerous bacteria. To ensure your kitchen sponge is clean and bacteria free, dip in water then lightly squeeze it. Put it in the microwave and let it sit there for two minutes. To have clean utensils you will have to use a kill sponge and your microwave will help you sanitize your kitchen sponge.

Dying of fabric.

Turns out that the microwave cannot only be used warm cold food but can also be used to speed up the process of dying fabric. This is a rather interesting hack. A microwave impressively accelerates the dying reaction from hours to just minutes making it so convenient and reliable so much. Interestingly, a microwave is the recommended way of dying fabric.


Washing brushes.

Besides keeping your dishes in a sparkling mode, you can also use your dishwasher to clean your brushes which include paint brushes as well as makeup brushes. A dishwasher can also be used to clean computer keyboard, but you will need to be careful about how you go about it. Place it facing downwards and remember to skip the drying cycle. It should stay there for a few days before you attach it back to your computer.

Without any doubt, these hacks are very interesting and fun to implement. When purchasing a home appliance be sure to opt for an appliance that will serve you in various ways so that the appliance becomes more efficient. The survivability of these appliances entirely depends on how you maintain and use them. Always ensure you give top-notch maintenance.

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