Tips on keeping your garage clean and organized

23 Aug Tips on keeping your garage clean and organized

Of all the rooms that you will always want to avoid in your house is the garage because often most times than not it is always a pile of junk with clutter everywhere, such an eyesore to even your neighbors and friends. If you don’t take care of this sooner than later you will have to deal with more problems as soon you will have to call in the pest control unit to come take a look at your garage due to the prevalent noises you get in the night and the feeling of someone else in the house is inevitable. So here are a few tips on how to spruce up your garage and keep it spick and span.

First things first

Well in any garage, the whole pile of junk is always an eyesore, so before doing anything that, first clear the garage of everything and take it outside. This is important as it will give you a better working space and you will be able to clean the walls, floor, and ceiling thoroughly.

Sort out the pile

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Well now that you have taken the whole pile of junk outside, you can then decide to sort out the “haves and the have-nots.” The junk you have not used for at least a year qualifies to be worthless, and the best way of getting rid of this is by selling. If they are of no use then you can do away with them, thus dump them. To sort out this pile in an orderly manner, place them into three categories; the throwaways, the ones to sell and the ones to keep. Firstly get rid of the throwaway pile and make sure you dump it appropriately. The remaining two piles you can push them aside and sort them after the cleaning up is done.

 The spruce up

Water is essential here, and the whole process could be a neck breaker but if you are up to it, it will be close to a walk in the park and even to some point enjoyable. You could get a helping hand, could be your son or wife so that you don’t get bored doing it. The things required in this are; the broom, brushes, a bucket, sponges (car sponge), and also wire brushes, floor paint, and some oil stain remover just in case.

Clean up process

The garage at this point is a mess and disorderly therefore as a way of obeying the law of gravity, work your way from the top going downwards. This is important to avoid redoing the same job twice. The ceiling will come first; you can start by removing all the cobwebs using a broom or a cobweb brush which does the magic well. In case of any bugs or spiders be ready with a bug spray too.

Next, you check for any defects on the light fixtures, window, and the door hardware and if none give them a good wipe with a wet piece of cloth. With the floor still unattended, use a wet car garage sponge to thoroughly wipe the walls and windows then finish up with an old towel to dry them up. You will be amazed at the transformation that is taking shape, this should be a motivation to go on. After you are done with the up, come to the floor.

Sweep all the debris and the clutter that had accumulated from the back of the garage to the front and out through the door. In case of any allergy be ready with a nose cover to avoid the sneezing. After sweeping, get a bucket with water and do a thorough mopping of the floor. Scrubbing is also needed at some point to remove the gunk that has accumulated for years; use a wire brush to do this. In case of any oil spills that will always be stubborn to remove, a natural oil stain remover does the magic. It will pull out the stain and make it easy for you to scrub it off.

Painting the floor

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After the clean-up, you can always take this opportunity to paint the garage floor if it does not have one or simply paint it afresh. This is essential as it will be able to seal the cracks on the floor and also prevent moisture from reaching the concrete. If you want to make life hard for any future bugs and pests then this is it. This process is not that demanding and may require 2 to 4 cans of paint only. The look after this will be so sparkling and will make the garage feel like another normal room in your home, and may give you second thoughts on crushing there during the hot summer months.

Put things in order

Here you can always try and be innovative or creative in the way you place your things keeping in mind that the main idea is to save up as much space as possible. So how do you save up space? First install shelves all over in the room. This will help save a lot of space and make the room look more organized and easy to arrange.

Another is to mount hooks on the ceiling to hang on sports gear, bicycles, and even your camping gear. Lastly is to work on your vertical space thus from ceiling to floor, here use stacking up containers to store your oldies. The order of store is as follows: The long-term storage items go first to the back of the room, this could range from your old documents to even the keepsakes.

Next are the seasonal items which are usually used occasionally in different seasons. This could be your skiing boots, or the holiday decorations or even Halloween costumes. Lastly, organize the things you use more frequently and keep them within reach, this could be the washing machine, the lawn mower or the gym gear. The idea is to keep things you don’t use often at the back and the ones you use at the front, this will help maintain order.

By the time you are done, you will be amazed by how much space you have saved up and you could even convert the space to be a gym work out area.

Conclusively. Sprucing up your garage can be a daunting task but the results will always pay off as it will help you reach those places you find hard to reach and will free up space in your home.

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