Our Dear Clients Say

We are pleased to share the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Mike M.

We used Companion Maids this week for the third time. Maria did an amazing job as usual! Our place looks fantastic. Maria does a great job communicating before and after the service, and is very professional.

Very easy to book and great communication with Companion via text, etc. makes using the service smooth & seamless. Will definitely use again for our next cleaning. Thanks Maria & Companion!

Mike L.

Stayed at my cousin’s home for a quick weekend trip in Chicago with some friends and created an absolute mess. Ended up looking around online for some cleaning services and found Companion Maids here on Yelp.

Decided to go with them and had zero complaints about their work. Very professional, very thorough. It’s as if I didn’t stay at my cousin’s home at all over the weekend.

Hannah F.

Overall, great experience. She did a great job on our two bedroom one bathroom apartment- we needed a move-out cleaning.

The only gripe I had is that we had to buy a mop, since they only use wet swiffers. Having said that, it’s probably much more sanitary than using the same mop on different peoples’ floors, so that’s understandable.

They also tried to reschedule the cleaning a couple days before the reservation, but when I advised them that was not possible, they stuck with the original reservation. Will be recommending to friends!

Happy Customers, Happy Homes

Crystal Z.

Visited a relative in Chicago and wanted to buy them a house cleaning service as a thank you. Best thing about companion maids was their quickness. They were here extremely early in the day and the job was spotless. Passed the information along to my cousin and they will also be using them because they were so happy with the result! Thank you!

Raymond M.

Needed a deep clean of my 2 bath and kitchen condo. Was fortunate to get colleen and we had a cleaning party as she worked on the above and i worked on organizing my 4yr old toys. Could not get over how clean the bathrooms and kitchen got as it all looked like it was brand new! Colleen has been doing this for years and knows a lot of tricks to get things clean that i thought were stained. She topped it off with enough time to vacuum and mop all of my wood floors in my 1500 sq ft condo. I highly recommend her and will be using her again regularly. The company has great customer service and I’m sure all of the service professional are great. That being said, do yourself a favor and request Colleen if you want to ensure high quality service. Thank you all for everything including the dangers day request and service!

Mike B.

One of the most important things to me is cleanliness. I have a few properties in Chicago and they are kept clean by Companion Maids. They go the extra mile by sending me pictures of each completed property.

That way I know for certain they are fulfilling their service and keeping up with it. I’m very satisfied with how frequently they keep me updated and with the level of professionalism exhibited. The house always looks spotless in every picture sent.

Thank you for your hard work!