Smart House-Cleaning Short Cuts That You Could Use At Home

23 Sep Smart House-Cleaning Short Cuts That You Could Use At Home

Cleaning as essential as it is, is not everyone’s cup of tea. We were born and found that people have to clean stuff. To most, I included, is just about “when you go to Rome, do what the Romans do”. Some even feel cleaning is overrated, but seriously though, a clean home is a happy home. It an activity that you can barely look up to, but in a big way very important. The reward is great, who doesn’t enjoy the peaceful vibe that comes out of a clean home? And while there’s not just one way of cleaning your home, there are smart cleaning ways of doing it. The bottom-line is to have a clean home, therefore, why not achieve the same result but now in half the time you used to.

Frankly, life gets in the way most times than we would prefer and cleaning your home seems to be the fair option to be kept aside (I mean, without your salary, you won’t have the house in the first place). Therefore if you are a victim of circumstances like most, you need all the help you can get. Lucky for you, we have some smart ways that will keep things tidy and neat in time. With a few simple changes to your daily routine, you can buy back several of those hours for whatever activity you want to do. Here are some smart cleaning ideas:

Simplify your closet; less laundry

When it comes to the closet, we know the drill. On our good days, we thoroughly organize our stuff only to go back to square one when looking for an outfit the next day. While there are several ways you can solve that problem, there’s one that is most effective. Simplify your closet. Get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit or are out of trend for you. Having less can reap huge rewards in not only having an organized closet but also less laundry to wash. Speaking of laundry, there are clothes that don’t need to be washed as frequently as we do. For instance, jeans should be washed only if it starts showing dirt (we are talking about washing it after about four times of wear). You bras don’t need to be washed after every wear too because they easily get out of shape.

Break up chores

If you are looking for cleaning short-cuts, chances are you don’t have the whole day to do cleaning or you don’t want to put a whole day’s effort. Therefore, instead of spending the whole day cleaning on weekends, break up the chores. Most of us wait until weekends to do our cleaning, in which we are most likely to talk ourselves out of because there will be too much to do. It is easy to distribute the work throughout the week, dealing with the basic ones like washing utensils daily.

Less is more in the kitchen

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I can’t think of a room that can be a huge turn off when dirty from the kitchen. Essentially this is the heart of every home. It is a place where meals are prepared and very critical to our health. Therefore, it is important to maintain order in the kitchen by creating a place for everything. This will mean that you cut on some things because our kitchens are not as spacious as our stuff demands. Therefore, go through your utensils donating or keeping in the garage or store the things you don’t need. Also those that are in double. You will then, have an easier time keeping your counters free and clean.

Make use of dead time

This simply means maximizing your time. For instance, if you are leaving a room, you can grab something and put it in its right place. Or you can be setting the table as the food warms up. Or straightening up your throw pillows when the show goes for a break. This, though, should not be mixed up with multitasking. There’s a fine line between the two.

Have a junk drawer

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A floor that has only furniture and less clutter is way easy to clean. That is why you need to have a place for everything. Yet there’s this hack that most people overlook. A junk drawer. This is a drawer that is used to keep things that are regularly used. And by regular, I mean nothing more than a week. These can be your keys, remote, pen or the novel you are recently reading. You can have a draw for that purpose in every room. You will have an easy time wiping surfaces due to less clutter.

Get your kids to help

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You might roll your eyes at the thought of your kids doing the cleaning. We get it, all they seem to get well done is having stains on their clothes. But if you know your way around getting your kid to do a task, they can be very good at it. Allocate them responsibilities according to their capability. There’s so much they can help you do, for instance, feed the pet, water the garden, set the table or put away grocery. Mostly, to have it easy when cleaning, talk to them to ensure their toys are always contained in the right place. You will love that you did, kids are smart and they get it. Trust them and teach them smart cleaning ways to make it easier for them.

Clean the bathroom after bathing

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By now you know it is best if you clean your kitchen after every use, same applies to the bathroom. It might sound inconvenient but gradually you will realize it is easier that way. You will rarely have to deal with stains and scum. Bathrooms can get really gross if you let them. Therefore, after you finish bathing, swiftly squeegee your bathroom. You will be grateful you didn’t leave the dirt to accumulate for a week.

Have area rugs in high traffic areas

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You don’t want to be mopping or vacuuming every other day. You can solve this by having a no-shoe-indoor policy, or enjoy the comfort of your shoes but then invest in area rugs. You will simply take them out to hose or air them.


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