Simple Sponge Hacks That Every Homeowner Should Know

23 Sep Simple Sponge Hacks That Every Homeowner Should Know

A sponge is such a simple item that most people just use for washing dishes. In as much as they are primarily meant for dishwashing, sponges can be used for so many other purposes. These water-absorbent squares can be repurposed to do various other activities. Sponge hacks are very interesting and the fact that sponges are relatively affordable means that you should really try these hacks out. The beauty of repurposing an item is that you get to save some coins at the end of the day. Some of these sponge hacks may seem pretty unfamiliar to many people but once you get to know them they will thrill and fascinate you so much. So, what are these sponge hacks? Here are some great and amazing ways a kitchen sponge can be reused.

Cleaning your microwave.

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Who could ever have thought that your dirty microwave can be given a touch of sparkling cleanliness by using a sponge? The food particles that get stuck in your microwave can really make you avoid using it to warm up your food. However, someone came up with a hack to ensure these food particles don’t in any way prevent you from enjoying the services of your electronic device. Dip the sponge in water then place it in the microwave and let it sit there for approximately three minutes. Remember to switch it on. After three minutes, don’t take the sponge out yet. Let it sit there for some few more minutes. The steam in your microwave will help loosen up the food particles that had stuck. From there you can easily remove the food particles thus your microwave becomes spectacularly clean.


Cleaning glass blades or shutter.

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There are surfaces that are tricky to clean, such surfaces may include shutter, blinds and even fan blades. There are expensive methods of cleaning these surfaces but when you have a kitchen sponge you can clean such surfaces and save yourself a lot of money. All you need is two sponges and a pair of tongs. Right below the scrubber of your sponge, make a deep but slightly narrow cut. The cut shouldn’t be too narrow neither should it be too wide, just the right size to fit the edge of the tong. Make a cut on both the sponge. On the edge of the tongs, place the sponge such that the scrubbing side of the sponge faces outside. Hold the glass surface or the fan blade between the two sponges and move the tong vertically such that it picks any dust present.


Cleaning oven racks or grill grates.

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Cleaning grill grates is not a joke especially when you don’t have the right tools thus this process become hard and time-consuming. However, someone discovered an easy and fast way of cleaning cooking grills and oven by using a kitchen sponge. Using a paper cut, cut your sponge vertically and horizontally to create several squares. But don’t make deep cuts. You can then use the slit sponge to effectively clean your oily grill grates and even oven racks. This method is very effective as you are able to remove dirt even in corners that seem unreachable.

A sponge is a good nail polish remover.

As a lady, if the process of removing nail polish doesn’t intrigue you maybe because you have to buy a nail polish every other time then you should try this hack and just see how efficient it will work for you. Take a sponge that doesn’t have the scrubbing surface and fold it then put it in an airtight glass jar. Pour all the contents of the nail polish bottle into the container with the sponge. Afterward, stick your fingers into the sponge one by one. Remember to swirl your fingers so as to completely remove all the nail polish from your nails. When you are done, tightly close the glass jar and put it safely until the next time you will need to remove nail polish from your nails.

Sponges make great ice packs.

This sponge hack is very creative and definitely helps you save some money. If you are a gym person or a sportsperson, then you can definitely agree that ice packs are something that you regularly use. Kitchen sponges can be used to make some reliable and efficient ice packs. Dip the sponge in a roughly large bowl that has water. Let the sponge absorb water for some time before taking it out. Squeeze it lightly before putting it in a ziplock bag and putting it in a freezer. After three hours, you will have yourself an ice pack that you can use to relieve painful muscles, aching joints or even swells on your body. What a hack

Dryer sheets DIY

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Knowing how to turn kitchen sponge into dryer sheets will make you ditch all those dryer sheets sold in the stores which are actually expensive compared to this method. All you need is water, thin sponges and fabric softener, it looks simple already, doesn’t it? Into an airtight container, pour one cup of water and half a cup of fabric softener. Gently stir them together to get a dissolved mixture. Dip the thin kitchen sponge into the container with the solution, then close the container tightly and store it in the laundry room. When doing your laundry, take one sponge and throw it in the dryer together with the wet clothes and run the dryer machine. When you are done with the laundry, put the sponge back into the container and you can use it again.

Kitchen sponges have these and more other functions. Other ways include curling of hair, seed germination, and others. You can go online and learn the various ways you can turn a simple kitchen sponge into a tool that can be used and re-used. However, always ensure that your kitchen sponge remains in very clean conditions since a dirty sponge can easily be a breeding ground for bacteria. Try these great and fun tips today.

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