Secrets To Having A Clean Bathroom Always

23 Sep Secrets To Having A Clean Bathroom Always

Chances are, anyone entering your home will request to use your bathroom. If there are urine stains on the toilet seat, dirty, wet and stained floor, cluttered counter and misty mirrors; then you receive guests. They’d think you are gross. And to be fair, they will be right. If they see that, it is not rocket science why they will decline to eat. Your bathroom, as insignificant as it may seem, it is a very important room that you can’t leave without. It is no place to take cleaning shortcuts and procrastination. It is not one of those rooms you will close the door and wait until you feel like cleaning to get the job done.

You just have to regularly clean the bathroom. If it is of any help, you are not alone in dreading the job. Moreover, it is in your best interest when the room is clean. It’s so worth it. For instance, it’s a good place to decompress if you had a long day or just want to disconnect from the world for a while. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a matter way than to take a long shower. Very relaxing, plus a majority of people know better than to bother someone while they are in the bathroom.

We know that if your bathroom is in a bad state, it was never your intention for it to get that gross. We know the drill, you plan to wash your bathroom on the weekend then you end up ‘forgetting’ about it for weeks. That’s why we got you. After you have made the necessary steps to thoroughly clean your bathroom, here are some tips to ensure your bathroom is always ready for impromptu guests.

Clean the bathtub and walls

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There are a good number of us who can’t just seem to clean the bathroom unless you hear guests are on their way. By then, it is not a simple task and you’ll be there beating yourself as to why you never keep it clean in the first place. If you are in that position, where you can’t clean before it is out of hand, then this habit will help you. After you have loathed yourself, use a sponge filled with detergent and vinegar and swiftly clean the bathtub. Then as you rinse yourself, you’ll also be rinsing the tub. If you are feeling too lazy to scrub, after showering you can spray your walls with a mixture of water and vinegar. Then whisk away the excess moisture with a squeegee.

Keep things put away

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The first step in keeping a place clean is by removing clutter. This is especially true in the bathroom where space is small and an impressive amount of grime can collect. You will have such an easy time when cleaning the surface if it’s free of clutter. Plus your bathroom will instantly look cleaner. Strive to have almost empty surfaces in your bathroom. Neatly store items in the drawers and cupboards.

Keep cleaning tools close

How many times have we talked ourselves out of cleaning the bathroom just because the disinfectant is upstairs? Fight that by having designating their place close by. In the same voice, ensure you have all the arsenals you need to clean your bathroom. It goes without saying that you must own a brush and a disinfectant of your choice. Also have a basket of rolled washcloths on your counter, which you can easily retrieve when you want to wipe the surface.

Let it sit

For an easier time while cleaning your toilet, let the disinfectant sit for some time, you could be wiping the surface or brushing your teeth as you wait. After about five minutes, all you will have to do is swiftly scrub then rinse thoroughly. And your toilet is super clean without much effort on your part. A good way of also cleaning your tub is to let it heat up. Fill the bottom of the tub a couple of inches with the hottest water you can get from the tap. Let it sit for a while, this action will double up the effectiveness of the cleanser you are using. You can also throw some hot water on the walls and surface.

Clean before it gets gross

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This can be as simple as wiping off soap on the counter before it hardens and becomes more irritating to clean. Now that your surface is clean and have the necessary tools at hand, make it a routine to daily spread some soda ash on the toilet and give it a quick scrub. When you do it more often, it will be so easy and fast.

Empty trash bin

It is a simple underrated task that goes a long way to ensuring you have a clean bathroom. After you are done showering, make it a habit of clearing your bin as you step out of the shower. Litter is an unpleasant site that can also mess with your nose by the foul smell wafting from it if you let it be long enough.

Spray and fan

A good fragrance is the easiest way of fooling someone that yours is a clean bathroom, especially with empty counters. Invest in commercial air fresheners or use an exhaust fan. Turn it on to keep the air in the bathroom fresh.

Clean glass, mirrors, and counters

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Remember the rolled washcloths on your counter? Use those to quickly wipe down the mirrors and counters. You don’t need a cleanser at this point. Just dibble a little water on the cloth then wipe the surface. Same with the mirrors but if you want them shining, you can wipe them down with rubbing alcohol. Also, remember to wash your sink, and you can do it while brushing your teeth than drying the surface with the washcloth.

If you incorporate the tips listed above, it is possible to have a clean bathroom in less than five minutes daily.

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