Reasons Why your Wooden furniture is rotting

23 Sep Reasons Why your Wooden furniture is rotting

Wood rotting is the most irksome thing that could happen to a homeowner. Imagine your wooden furniture crumbling because of decay. It can be a very discouraging thing. If you are a homeowner who values that lovely classic look of the home when it is decorated with wooden furniture then you will feel that sense of loss.

Sometimes it is usually the fault of the homeowner who has let their furniture go. It is therefore important that the homeowner understand the wooden material, how to take care of it and what causes the rotting and decay in order to take measures to prevent it.

Outlined below are a few reasons why the wood furniture in your home is rotting.

Moisture Exposure

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Is your wood furniture exposed to moisture in any way? Do you clean your floors with a lot of water which touches the furniture that could be one cause of exposure? Also if you cook in the kitchen and don’t let the steam out, then it is bound to find its way on your furniture and settle there. Another reason could be, your home is leaking somewhere and the water comes into contact with your furniture.  Think of all the places exposing your furniture to water and eliminate them. When water seeps into the wood it definitely causes it to rot.

You Haven’t Painted Your Furniture


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Apart from giving your furniture a great look, paint also protects your furniture from the elements. When water comes into contact with the wood furniture, it finds a layer of paint which prevents the water from seeping in and causing it to rot. This will give you a chance to wipe your furniture clean and dry it up before the water damage occurs.

You Clean Your Wood Furniture Using Water

If you clean your wooden furniture the wrong way, it is bound to affect its look. Just like hardwood floors, wooden furniture shouldn’t be cleaned using water. Use lemon or special wood cleaner for cleaning and polishing. Using water will not only cause the paint to peel, but it will also leave your wood exposed to water which is the number one cause of wood rotting.

Your Wood Did Not Dry Out Completely

You could have left your furniture exposed and it rained heavily. If you didn’t let your furniture dry out completely before putting it away, the water that has seeped in will cause the rot. The best thing is to always allow your furniture to air-dry before you cover it or store it away for the season.

You Leave Your Furniture Outdoors During Rainfall

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If you leave your wood furniture outdoors when it is raining, the rainwater will soak in and cause the furniture to rot. The best thing is to keep the wooden furniture covered or under a safe area where rainwater doesn’t reach it.  You can even store your furniture in the shed or garage during harsh winters or rainy seasons.

Thinking That Your Hardwood Furniture It Rot Resistant

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You might have made your wooden patio furniture using the strongest hardwoods such as teak or cedar.  Do not be overconfident that the strong nature of the wood will not be affected by weather. When you leave it exposed too long, it will definitely begin rotting. The solution to this is applying coats of water repellent once every year. You might also consider protecting your patio area where the hardwood furniture is to prevent rainwater from finding its way and soaking in your furniture. Never assume that the strongest hardwood can never succumb to rotting because it can.

Take some care. If you have chosen wooden patio furniture, remember that it requires regular maintenance. Even the strongest woods, like teak or cedar, require some protection. We recommend annual coats of water repellent.  To stay on top of things as you build your backyard, you might also want to consider investing in furniture that is naturally rot resistant can be a huge help.


Of course, it is up to you. Maybe you prefer the look of weathered wood as the sun fades it from shades of brown to neutral greys. However, in order to save yourself money and protect your guests from potential injury, protect your wood from moisture by sealing all holes with wood glue and layers of paint. Be kind to your patio furniture by protecting it against harsh rain and UV rays, and you will have a backyard setup that will entertain folks for years.


Stop The Wood Rot

So, how do you stop the wood rot? Well, you can always remove wood from the equation, but for most of us, that would mean remove our entire house.

Let it Dry

It is going to rain or snow and the wetting of your house is not a cause for concern. The concern is when wood isn’t able to dry out. There are a few things you can do to help the wood in your house dry out.


 No Standing Water

If any part of your house gets standing water after a rainstorm, then that area is much more likely to rot. Standing water will find its way into joints and cracks in the paint and seep into the wood giving rise to perfect conditions for rot. Redesign these elements to allow water to shed off of them.


 Allow For Air

Good airflow helps in faster drying out and the faster things dry, the less likely rot will happen. Trim back shrubs and trees from your house so that there is enough room for some airflow between the two. Wet shrubs directly against siding are a major cause of rot in many houses.

If you can keep it dry, then you will enjoy the beautiful look of your wooden furniture for a long time. Yes, the cause of rot is the fungus, but if you focus your energies on keeping the exterior surfaces of your house dry you’ll stop it in its tracks. Keep in mind that preventing rot is a lot easier than stopping it once it really gets rolling.


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