Moving to a new house? How to deal with the stress.

23 Jun Moving to a new house? How to deal with the stress.

Moving houses is a great time for most homeowners because they are going to a new and unknown place where they will put up their stuff, decorate and watch the new place slowly becoming home for them. However, sometimes moving can be a stressor in life because you are leaving the familiar and going to the unknown. You are so used to your old home because you are familiar with every corner and have favorite spots and so on.  If moving houses is a difficult experience for you, there are things you can do to make this important transition less stressful or unpleasant.  Some tips to help homeowners who are moving houses but are strongly attached to their old homes are as follows:-

  1. Have A Positive Mental Attitude

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You could be moving for many reasons. It could be your choice stemming from the desire for new things, a new home included, or it could be that circumstances are forcing you to move houses. Whatever your reason for moving, try and make the best of the situation and not wallow in the negatives. Think of all great things that could happen in your new home,  the great décor, a more spacious space, a great looking neighborhood with lovely neighbors, a better climate and so on.  Think of creating a better home than the one you have left behind and you will be less stressed.

  1. Look Up The New Area You Are Moving To

Doing research on where you are moving to could help you become more familiar with the place, prepare for it and be less stressed about the unknown. Find the malls, restaurants, schools and regular events in your new location. Get a feel for where you are moving to and you will not be surprised because a good mental image of your life there will begin to form.  The internet is usually a good place to start doing your research and if you have a friend or colleague who lives there, then it would be better if you consulted them on what to expect.

  1. Have A Plan

Plan for your move early enough. If you are moving a month from now, don’t put off packing until the last minute. Inform your family and mentally prepare them for the move. Leave only the essential things that you will use and pack the rest for the move. You could even hold the last party in your old house and bid farewell to your neighbors and friends. If you don’t want to carry your current stuff into your new home, hold a yard sale and sell all your stuff then go shopping for new furniture and other home basics for your new home. Make a list of all the things you will be selling and the ones you need to buy, this will keep you occupied and keep the stress at bay.

  1. Hire The Professionals

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You don’t want to be lugging and packing around furniture but you will need to save that strength to enjoy your new home. This is why professional movers exist, to help you make a smooth transition to a new home. Hire a good moving company and you can always compare prices to find a good deal.  Having professional movers do all the work for you will also take away the stress of leaving your old comfortable home.

  1. Cater To Your Emotional Needs

Your emotions will likely be running high especially if you are moving against your wishes.  You could be feeling sad about leaving which is normal. That sadness is a form of grief that you should deal with. Don’t be afraid to experience those feelings of sadness or even anger and you can talk to someone you trust about them. This will help you move on quickly and become happier in your new home.

  1. Make Plans To See Your Old Friends After Moving

Saying goodbye is always difficult. Make plans to meet your friends after you have moved. You could organize a house-warming party and invite them over. They could stay overnight and that way you will create the first great memory surrounded by friends that you love.

  1. Know Your New Neighbors

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Knowing your new neighbors is important because the neighbor will come to your aid when you need it. It could be borrowing salt, keeping an eye on your home when you travel or having a friend to make life more interesting. Go out of your way to make new neighbor friends, it will take away the stress.

  1. Seek Out New Experiences

You could volunteer at your new community events, go to the parties or events you are invited to, decorate the outdoors of your new home and so on. Seek out a new experience that will give you satisfaction and make like in your new location better. This way you will also make many new friends and some may even last a lifetime.

  1. Come Up With New Routines

Your move to this new home has probably changed a lot of things. Your routine could be one of them. The household chores could have increased or reduced depending on the size of your new home.  The stores could be driving distance now rather than walking distance as you were used to, back in your old home and many other things that could now have changed. Come up with a routine that will be perfect for your new life in the new home. Adjusting to a new routine will be one thing that will take away the stress of moving.

  1. Think Of This As A New Beginning

Think of moving homes as a new start and don’t keep looking back. Everything changes at some point and your home has now changed. Embrace the new home and take your time decorating and arranging everything to perfection. If you have always wanted to try out a certain decorating theme, now is the time to do so.

Moving shouldn’t be a bad experience but an opportunity for you to make a new home somewhere else and make new beautiful memories. The above tips should help you make a smooth transition as you should.

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