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Lincoln Park cleaning service the easy way


Companion Maids pick a date
Book your Lincoln Park cleaning service using our booking form. Receive an immediate confirmation when you enter the date and the time you would like to schedule and reserve using your credit card.


Companion maids clean
We will first get a team assigned to you on the date and time that you have scheduled. On the day of the cleaning, we will clean your home until it shines!


Relax after companion maids clean
Relax, your home is clean! We place a lot of pride in our cleaners, which is why we back them with a guarantee. Also, save money in the future with a recurring discount!

Not in this area?

In addition to being a Lincoln Park cleaning service, Companion Maids also services other Chicago areas like Rogers Park, suburbs like Evanston, and other areas in and around Chicago. Check out some of our service areas at the bottom of this page!

We will clean your home as if it were our own

Whether you don’t have time to clean before your red-eye flight or you just commuted home from the Loop, you want to come back to a clean home. Companion Maids provides a Lincoln Park cleaning service that is designed to make your home feel comfortable again. We believe a clean home helps clear your head so you can tackle the day.

What people say about Companion Maids

Our Companion Guarantee*

Companion Maids is always striving to be the number 1 Lincoln Park cleaning service. If we don’t perform well enough to impress you when you walk in the door, we will happily return to re-do the cleaning. If your home still isn’t a breath of fresh air after the second job, we will refund you in full!

We put our best foot forward, twice, to insure that you are left more than satisfied.

Ready For A Clean Home?