How To Preserve Your favorite clothes and make them last longer

23 Sep How To Preserve Your favorite clothes and make them last longer

Almost everyone has a certain garment that they truly adore and not a single weekend goes without them wearing it. Having favorite clothes is a practice that has been in existence since time immemorial. The beauty of having favorite clothes is that it boosts your self-esteem as you step out because it makes you feel attractive and smartly dressed. Clothes, however, are prone to wear and tear when worn for a certain period of time.

Saying goodbye to your favorite clothing is never an easy thing and replacing it isn’t easy either. However, the key to ensuring your favorite garment gives you service for a long time is maintenance, truly maintenance is of the essence. It goes without saying, how you wash and care for your clothes determines how long it will serve you. Have no worries though, here are some great tips that will help you preserve your favorite clothing guarantying it lasts for a longer period.

How do you wash your clothes?

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In all honesty, the leading cause of wear and tear of clothes is regular washing. At the same time, you can’t forsake washing your clothes. Different clothes are made from different materials thus they should be washed differently. There’s always a tag on clothes that have precise instructions on how to wash that garment, strictly adhere to these instructions.

Always be careful when using bleach lest it ruins the color of your favorite cloth, use an alternative that will be safe on your fabric. Jackets and jeans should be zipped up before putting them in a washer thus preventing the garment from flailing around. Jeans and blouses that are dark tend to fade when washed; it’s thus advisable to wash these garments inside-out to ensure they retain their color even after being washed. To top on that, avoid washing your favorite cloth too often as these will reduce the effects of wear and tear brought about by frequent laundering.

Mending skills are very crucial.

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Simple mending skills will not only help you keep your favorite clothes in order but they will also help you avoid repair costs. Buttons of your favorite shirt or the zipper of your jeans could come off and if there are not properly fixed your cloth could be ruined. All you need is a sewing kit that contains threads and a variety of needles. As you stitch your clothe remember to use a thread that matches the color of your clothing. When you notice a small patch on your cloth act immediately and stitch it up. Sewing is simple and has been simplified further by the easy access to tutorials found online. A stitch in time will help you prolong the life of your favorite clothes.

Handle that iron box with care.

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There’s nothing frustrating like burning your favorite shirt or blouse during ironing. If you aren’t careful with the amount of heat you are using there’s a good chance you will end up ruining your favorite garment. Different fabrics have different levels of heat degree required during ironing. Always be aware of the level of heat required to iron your cloth lest you’ll destroy your best garment. It would also be great if you leant some basic ironing tips to help you iron the right way.

Don’t wear it too often.

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Wearing your favorite outfit so often means you will have to wash it frequently thus increasing the effects of wear and tear, eventually, you will have to say goodbye to your favorite cloth sooner than you had anticipated. Rotate your outfits such that there’s adequate time between when an outfit is worn and when it will be worn next. Arrange all your clothes in your closet in a manner that washed clothes are arranged at the back ensuring other clothes get a chance to be worn as well. Rotating your clothes reduces frequent washing hence your favorite cloth lasts longer.

Proper storage is key.

How your store your cloth largely determines how long your cloth will serve you. As stated earlier, maintenance is very paramount and it should never be underestimated in the quest to ensure your favorite cloth serves you for long. There are clothes such as woolen sweaters that don’t need hangers as it will make them stretch out. Woolen sweaters need to be folded and put on a shelf, this helps maintain their original shape. For clothes that need hangers, ensure you use a hanger of the correct size and shape.

Use the dryer sparingly.

The dryer is definitely your worst enemy when it comes to maintaining clothes. Dryers do a lot of damage but still offer some good services. The heat produced by a dryer burns the cloth making it shrink and fade with time. Alternatively, embrace the technique of line drying, this ensures your clothes don’t shrink due to the heat that causes the elastic fiber to break. However, if you can’t do without a dryer you can alter its settings so that it doesn’t adversely affect your clothes. You can reduce the temperature or reduce the time such that you take your clothes out of the dryer while they are still damp and then hang them on a line. This minimizes shrinking meaning your clothes stay in good shape for a longer period.

Seek dry cleaning services.

For some people, maintaining certain garments require a lot of specialized attention and they are afraid they will mess up the cloth if they wash it themselves. In such an instance, seek professional dry-cleaning services as they know how to handle different fabrics.


At one point you will have to retire your favorite clothing but before then a lot of emphases has to be put on how you maintain it so as to experience a lot of benefits. You can save yourself the hassle of buying clothes every now and then by simply putting these tips into place. As you wash your cloth remember to check the instructions written by the manufacturer. So, the next time you adorn your favorite cloth, bear in mind that its lifespan entirely depends on how you handle it.

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