Household Carpet Cleaning Tips

23 Aug Household Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpets have a temptingly nice soft and warm feeling on bare feet and look great. This is the reason you will find certain rooms in homes furnished with them. A good quality carpet is a pricey investment and should be well maintained to maintain its quality look and feel. However, most people find cleaning carpets a long and tedious job. Nonetheless, cleaning your carpet has numerous advantages and should be part of your cleaning routine.

A carpet that is well cared for will be more durable and hygienic for the home. We have outlined a few tips on how to care for your carpet:

Regular Vacuuming

Good carpet care demands regular vacuuming. To eliminate dry particles of dust, soil and animal fur dry vacuuming is recommended. Consequently, vacuuming contributes significantly to preserving the carpet’s quality.  Depending on the level of foot traffic on the carpet it is important to vacuum at least once a day especially where traffic is high. Carpets mainly get dirty from being walked on, therefore, you should find ways to reduce dirt, for instance, using door mats.

Cleaning Spillage and Spots

Immediately clean any spillage or spots to keep them from drying and sticking to the carpet making it difficult to clean later. Soiling can also damage the look and quality of the carpet if left for too long. Here are a few tips for cleaning spillage and spots:

  • Promptly clean any spillage to avoid staining.
  • To make an effective cleaning formula add at least 4 teaspoons of white vinegar and a teaspoon of carpet shampoo to one liter of lukewarm water.
  • Act on spills from the outside going in.
  • Avoid making the carpet too wet.
  • Do regular restorative carpet cleaning

 Professional Carpet Cleaning

The best most homeowners do to maintain carpets is periodic vacuuming and cleaning of soils and spills. This is important however to preserve the carpets quality and condition you must do more than that. Vacuuming and cleaning spillage will get rid of most the dirt and boost its look, but certain sticky particles and dust may lie unaffected by this basic care.

The cleaning experts recommend intensive carpet cleaning at least once a year with proper daily maintenance between the rigorous cleaning. Restorative carpet cleaning from a professional cleaning company is recommended every once in a while to keep the carpet hygienic and durable.

If you include the carpet maintenance tips into your daily housekeeping routine your carpet will always be attractive, clean and fresh. Expert restorative cleaning will take care of any dirt that the daily maintenance could not handle using special tools and techniques such as dry extraction cleaning which can repeatedly be used without damaging the carpet with no drying time. Another effective technique is steam cleaning or hot water extraction which loosens spillage using fluid and extracts it through suction eliminating soils and dry spills completely.

Unfortunately professional carpet cleaning can be very expensive, but the need for this can be substantially reduced by having our cleaning service come in on a regular basis and take care of vacuuming your carpets.

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