Housecleaning hacks for the lazy homeowner

23 Sep Housecleaning hacks for the lazy homeowner

All it takes is to be a normal human for you to always crave for a clean house. But what is that you always say when it’s cleaning time: that watching your favorite series as you eat your popcorns is more enticing? Well, true, but there are things you just don’t put away. One of them is cleaning. As much you are a lazy homeowner having a dirty house is bad news and no one will understand that it is your nature.

Besides which, you are exposing your family to health risks. This is because the dirt will eventually accumulate causing germs. We get it, cleaning might be hard and thankless since things just get dirty all over again but you can’t entirely ignore the fact that dirt is going nowhere if you don’t clean it. Often cleaning your house might seem impossible-especially if cleaning is not your favorite activity- but it’s achievable.

If you are reading this, albeit you are already wondering how the spots you’ve been ignoring since last year are going to get cleaned. I also know how embarrassing it can get to confess to someone you hate cleaning. You rather undergo a personality transplant and join in with your friends as they drink to how much cleaning they have done. You don’t have to stress anymore. The following are hacks for the lazy homeowner that will help you clean smart and have some time left to watch that movie or sleep.

Invest in storage

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Invest in a decorative basket or ottoman. It will go a long way in helping you maintain the organization of your home. Nothing screams messy louder than clutter, therefore, fool people that yours is a perfectly clean home by hiding small stuff in drawers. A floor that has only furniture and few accessories gives a good vibe. Also, ensure that the storage unit that you place your supplies is close to where you need them. For instance, place a bottle of bleach in the toilet. I can’t remember the many times I’ve talked myself out of cleaning because the bottle of bleach was upstairs.

Cleaning faucets

There are many annoying things about cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. One of them is cleaning the faucets. I mean, not only are watermarks, fingerprints, and oil marks difficult to remove but also they always come back too easily. These are the reasons why we talk ourselves out of cleaning things like faucets. Regardless, it shouldn’t serve as an excuse, there are easy brilliant hacks to solve the problem. For example, using a wax paper. It’s resilient and waterproof. Taking advantage of its diverse properties, you can keep your faucets spotless for up to one week. Try rubbing down your faucets with wax paper after their next cleaning. They will be clean plus be shiny for long.

Clean your microwave

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Oh boy, what can be more repulsive than the stink of cooked-on food wafting from your microwave? Cleaning your microwave is not something you can ignore for long, it will always catch up with you. For an easy fix, pour two cups of water and lemon slices or vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl. Nuke it for three minutes on full power. The steam will loosen the grime and gunk, making the cleaning as easy as wiping down the interior.

Entertain yourself

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While house chores are not considered as a hobby by many, if done right, they can actually be very relaxing, entertaining and distressing. With the hustle of city life and trying to live up to our lifestyle with prices skyrocketing by day, we hardly get time to entertain ourselves. Well, guess what, housework time can also be that time when you get down. Turn up some lively cleaning music that will put you in the mood. Then you can now be in the moment as you clean and have fun too.

Religiously use plastic and foil liners

If you are not using this already, then you better come on board. Plastic and foil liners are totally God-sent. Instead of using containers to store frozen items, use plastic wrap and aluminum foil for or parchment paper for your oven. This is also a good time to get a liner for your microwave. Then you can just peel off the liner after use, and your utensil is clean again. Lining up your appliances not only gives you an easier time when cleaning it but also takes longer before it needs cleaning.

Simplify your closet

You know the drill. Organize your closet but after looking for the dinner outfit, you are back to square one. It doesn’t have to be like that though. Sometimes less is more. If you are too lazy to clean and organize your clothes, having less can reap huge rewards in keeping your closet in a sane state. Chances are, your closet is full of clothes you don’t wear anymore. Whether they are too small or just out of trend, you’ll be much better donating them. After purging, look for a simple system and maintain them.

Fluffy socks Are The Thing

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Though dragging your legs as you walk was highly condemned by mom as you grew, it was fun. When you are around the house, put on those fluffy socks and you can compensate for the childhood fun you missed. This will prevent you from mopping or vacuuming the house often because the socks will ensure that you walk around without leaving dirt. They are better than walking with shoes from outside all over the house. Then you can just remove them and toss them in the washing machine. As we are at it, you can also get an anti-microbial mat. It will trap any dirt coming from outside before it reaches your home. Isn’t it amazing? Every lazy homeowner is probably smilling at this one.

Invest in air fresheners

Having clean or fragranced air in your home is one of the simplest was to fool anyone of having a clean home. It shows that the owner is connected to their space and without doing anything else, it brings an amazing ambiance. You can also get a houseplant to further purify your air.

Squeegee your bathroom after use

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The bathroom can get really gross if you let it. Just like your kitchen, it is wise to clean your bathroom immediately it gets used since you are a lazy homeowner and will hardly set time aside just to give your bathroom a deep clean. You will be grateful you didn’t keep it off for weeks before it accumulates grime. And if you are feeling too lazy, spray your door or tile with no-wipe cleaner.

So there you are, you lazy homeowner, you have no excuse to live in a dirty house. If things get too difficult to do, hiring a cleaning service once every two weeks is always an attractive option.

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