Home Repairs That You Need To Know How To Do Them Yourself

23 Sep Home Repairs That You Need To Know How To Do Them Yourself

Owning a house is a dream come true. But it is not a cheap investment; therefore, you’ll want it to remain as good as new for the longest period. In spite of good maintenance of your home, damage, wear and tear are inevitable. As you buy or rent your house then, know the home repairs come as part of the bargain. While there is comfort in calling for professional help to do your repairs, it doesn’t go easy on your pockets considering the many home repairs lined up in the coming years. Therefore, it is wise to know your way around it. Surprisingly, most of them are doable even with little or no experience.

Investing your time in knowing how to handle regular and simple repairs will go a long way in cutting cost. Besides, it’s also an opportunity to show off those skills. I mean, people have been admired for less. Seriously though, as you learn how to do repairs, ensure there is a fine line between low cost and better quality. If it is a complicated repair, leave it for the professionals, otherwise, it will only cost more. Additionally, don’t embark on a repair you totally know nothing about. Especially hazardous ones like electricity. We will help you by listing the repairs that are safe and easy for you. Grab a toolbox and let’s get started.

Doing painting repairs

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Painting is one of the easiest ways to transform your home into a statement look. It can as well increase the value of your home as it adds flair to your space. While that is all good, having chipped, cracked and stained walls have the opposite effect. It drains every effort of other accessories and furniture in the room that are trying to add style. Therefore, your walls and skateboard need to be in good condition for an overall good looking room. When it comes to painting, it is important to know that prepping is king.

Have a place where you practice repairs regularly until you become good. While it may sound overwhelming, it will go a long way into cutting back finance. When your house gets older, the walls will definitely accumulate dust, stains, and grime—and the depreciation is multiplied thrice with kids around, your skill will make a big difference. Majorly, it is not only about not breaking the bank, but also the pride that comes after an amazing and spectacular-looking paint job.

Toilet problems


For whatever reason, toilet levers break all the time. They are quite easy to fix, but hardly will it make your top favorite home maintenance project. The toilet lever or handle is an important component in your toilet’s flush system because it is where it all begins. Normally, when the toilet lever doesn’t cause the toilet to flush, it is the cistern lever arm that has broken rather than the handle itself. First, start by removing the cistern lid and place it somewhere safe. You don’t have to drain the water for this job.

Then simple undo the screw of the lever arm and remove the metal. Next, undo the retaining nut using a spanner and remove the old handle. Insert the new lever arm into to the hole in the cistern. Then slide in the washer and onto the lever. Tighten the hook and refit the cistern lid, the job is done!

Fix Clogged Toilet

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A clogged toilet is a major turn off, which happens in the most unexpected times. Therefore as much as you would like someone else to do it for you, you need to at least have an idea. It doesn’t require any special skill, all you need is a toilet plunger or auger. Using the toilet plunger, and ensuring its head is submerged in water, give your clogged toilet 8-10 downward thrust. It should be able to clear but if stubborn, you can now use the auger. If you toilet clogs frequently than ‘healthy’ then call a professional to check it out to avoid embarrassing yourself when expecting guests.

Repairing doors

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Door repairs can be minor but a total nuisance, especially a squeaking door. Sometimes you just want to raid your refrigerator in secret without looking like a glutton, but the creaky door will not let you. Eliminate that annoying sound by doing some simple door hinges maintenance. Basically just identify the hinge and clean it, after which, lubricate using oil before putting it back in. if you are new to it, to be safe, you can remove one hinge pin at a time, starting at the bottom. If you notice your door sticking only during humid weather, then you don’t have to plane it. It will solve itself since it was just due to the lack of space when the door expanded in humid times.

Repairing Faucet Wash

Faucets come in various design depending on your taste, but they are all usually similar in principle. Doing your own faucet repair seems daunting, but ones you get the basics, it’s easier than you thought. Actually, the hardest part of repairing a leaking faucet is in finding the right replacement parts for the fixes. You don’t have to put up with the annoying drip anymore, check out for the basics for all faucet repairs.

Replacing A Light Switch

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It is electricity but it’s actually a quick and easy fix. All you need is a circuit tester, screwdriver, and a replacement switch. Before you start, locate your circuit breaker and off the power to the room you are working on. You will then remove the faceplate using the screwdriver. Next, unscrew the light switch and pull out the wires without touching them.

Use the circuit tester to ensure the power is completely shut off. You will then notice two copper wires; the one that has a green screw is the grounding wire. Install the new switch by placing the wire back in place. Now that the wires, switch and the faceplate are back in place, you can light up your room. That didn’t require an electrician.

With some home repairs, you really don’t need to call the handyman and pay them. You can be your own handyman and save some good money on repairs. Just learn the basic repairs and you will be good to go.



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