Hiring A Maid Service

23 Jun Hiring A Maid Service

Hiring a Maid Service

Busy lifestyles, stressful schedules and the lack of leisure time can steer a person to consider hiring a maid service to manage essential house housecleaning tasks. But prior to booking a consultation, it is crucial to know whom you are allowing into your house. Here are some things to consider before hiring your first maid service.

Bonding: Ensure that the housemaid servicing is bonded for its housecleaning customers. You should be safeguarded in case a theft happens. Very few organizations, if they are bonded at all, defend themselves as well as you.

Policy: Ensure that the house cleaning company is 100% insured. If a maiden slips and falls while cleaning the bathroom, your homeowner’s insurance policy may not include the event. The maid service should come with liability and employee accident coverage that should include your house, the cleaner and the cleaning company.

Referrals: Ensure that the service providing the maid is trustworthy. Inquire about the number of years they have been in business. If necessary, ask for work history and references. Gather the information related to the service. Inquire how long references have been using the service. Try to know if they had to face any issues with the service and how it was handled and whether they would recommend the service provider.

Cleaning products: Certain private housekeepers as well as a few of the services require you to provide all cleaning products. If products are supplied by the house cleaning firm, ascertain what type of products will be utilized and if they contain harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia. Ensure the products are safe for pets and kids. Thankfully, Companion Maids provides all cleaning products and equipment needed for the job.

If the maid service boasts utilizing “green” products or eco-friendly products for house cleaning, comprehend what they are using. Several products, although certified “green” actually include traditional chemicals at a lower proportion, literally diluting a chemical until it passes the criteria. This may be at the cost of the efficiency of the product. Various other ecologically safe products consist of bio-based components that incorporate natural bacteria and enzymes. They replicate the way nature naturally cleanses itself.

Hardware or equipment: Examine what is provided for your house cleaning. Several independent housekeepers as well as few services require you to issue all cleaning equipment. If the housemaid service is providing the equipment, verify the effectiveness of the vacuum and the filtering system.

Quality assurance: Figure out the service’s quality assurance procedures. How is the grade of service assessed and validated to assure quality of service is properly maintained? A maid service should have quality assertion techniques in place to ensure their house cleaning matches quality standards. Inquire if the maid service has supervisors who examine each time to ensure the quality of service.