Hacks For Cleaning Your Clothes Without Water.

15 Jul Hacks For Cleaning Your Clothes Without Water.

Ever found yourself in a hurry and you do not have time to clean your clothes or you were just too busy at work and you forgot about laundry? Or maybe you have a stubborn stain that just won’t come off? No need to worry because the below ideas will make it easier for you to clean your clothes from almost anywhere you are.

  1. Getting rid of a chewing gum mess.

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You may be in the office and accidentally sit on gum. That feeling is so annoying and it knocks you off everything you were doing just to figure out how to get it off. Just take your shirt and place it in a freezer for a while. The gum will be easier to remove when frozen other than in its natural sticky self and it will not leave any mess. Try this at home too.

  1. Mud stains.

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If you get some mud stains on your outfit, don’t fret. Mud stains are so messy but very easy to remove. The first step after you see a mud stain on your shirt is, do not touch or try to rub it off. Be patient and wait for it to completely dry up. When dry, hold your cloth in a manner like you want to hand wash and rub it together on your hands. The stain will simply come off. You can also get a brush and brush through the stain as it will have dried and become like dust making it easy to come off.

  1. Rubbing compound.

If you accidentally spill ink on your shirt, just get some cotton wool or earbuds and soak it in the rubbing alcohol or any rubbing liquid you can get and press it through the stain as you gently rub. The ink will automatically come off. Just wait for it to dry preferably in the sun first for a better outcome.

  1. Use a blow dryer.

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Blow dryers can come in handy for your hair especially when you are away on vacation, at work or at a friend’s place and need to clean your clothes. It can, however, be used in an instance where you passed through a dusty road and got dust all over yourself. In this case, water might not be a good idea to use especially when you are in a situation where it is impossible to wait for your outfit to dry. Simply take a blow dryer and turn it on low heat but maximum air and aim at the dust area to blow it away. This is one of the most effective ways to get dust out of your clothes.

  1. Baby powder.

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This mostly applies to oil stains. Try to suck up as much oil as you can on your cloth with the use of a paper towel or another dry cloth. Do not rub the cloth on the oil. Just pat harder on the oil until all the oil has been soaked up then take baby powder and put as much as you can on the oil. Wait for twenty to forty minutes and dust off the powder. The oil should have been cleared up by the powder at the time.

  1. Hand-held vacuum cleaner.

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Cotton materials are prone to attracting dust more than any other texture of material. Washing will only worsen the situation. The best idea is to tackle the fabric when dry. Take the handheld vacuum and run it through the cloth repeatedly. It will pull off any foreign thing making the cloth look clean and tidy. This technique is actually used by tailors as a finishing touch on their clothes including velvet fabrics as well.

  1. Use tape.

If you are having some trouble of getting dirt out of your leather clothing, just take a scotch tape and press it over the affected area and pull it off. Be careful not to pull it off so hard or with force as it may come out with some of your material. The dirt will automatically come off with the tape as you will see on the tape itself. You can do this repeatedly if the dirt is in multiple areas of the cloth. This method is not advisable for velvet or silk.

  1. Lemon For Sweat Stains

Most of us think that it’s nearly impossible to get rid of sweat stains because, after some time, they turn yellowish and tend to look very disgusting on our shirts. Squeeze some lemon juice in a bottle and spray the affected area of your shirt. After that, rub it thoroughly until it comes off. For better results, sprinkle some salt on the stain first before putting lemon. Vinegar also works just as good as lemon. You can also use the lemon to prevent the sweat stain by applying on the areas of your clothes that are prone to sweat.

  1. Foam For Makeup Stains

You can use foam to clean your clothes when they have makeup stains on them. Take an old toothbrush or small painting brush and use it to scoop up some thick foam. Rub the brush with the foam on the shirt with the makeup repeatedly. It should come off immediately. This idea can also be used in getting rid of lipstick smudges. Shaving cream will definitely work just as good as the foam. You can use this method on all kinds of materials. Just get a softer brush for the sensitive materials and be gentle.

  1. Club soda For Coffee Stains

Coffee stains can be tough but a little club soda could work. Just pour some soda on the coffee stain and leave it overnight or even six hours. When you come back to check, all the coffee satin will be out. You can pour some salt first before the club soda for quicker results. Be sure to do this immediately you spot the stain to prevent it from being one of those stubborn stains that will take forever to get rid of.


As you have seen there are many ways to clean your cloth stains without using water. Even if eventually you will have to use water to clean your clothes, the stains will be less mild and you will have an easier time doing laundry.


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