Genius Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

15 Jul Genius Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

Clean is attractive. We all aspire our living areas to be sparkling clean so as to attract guests. Here are some genius cleaning hacks that are sure to help you in your cleaning routines:-

Clean Your Sofas with Baking Soda

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Your sofa will get dirty over time from use. Normal soap might be a bit too harsh and leave corrosion marks on your sofa, also it might not perform the job as well as you expect it to. To clean dirt off your comfy sofa, mix one part of water with one part of baking soda, then use the solution to clean your sofa.

Treat Stinking Garbage with a Lemon

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You might notice your garbage still stinks even when you seal off everything in a polythene bag. Such odors will make your home unbearable to live in. To counter this, cut a lemon into small pieces and dip it into the trash can. It will eliminate the bacteria at home contributing to the stinky odor, and add a fresh smell to the whole place.

Clean Your Chopping Board with a Lemon

Pieces of meat might get lodged into your chopping board when using it. Normal soap does not guarantee total removal of this remains. You can use a piece of lemon to clean off all the gunk and leave your chopping board clean as new, and smelling fresh.

Clean Your Oven with Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Ovens often get caked remains stuck on their floors and walls. These are hard to get off. Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and water to wipe off the dirt off and your oven will be back to its glory.

Cleaning and Freshening Up Your Wood Surfaces

Use a hairdryer to quickly dry up damp wood floors or surfaces. Also, you can use olive oil to liven up your wood surfaces. For wooden surfaces that ooze stinky odors, use a lemon to ward off the smells.

Hide Leather Scratches with Shoe Polish

Leather sofas, jackets, shoes, or any other paraphernalia might get scratch damage. You can hide this by applying shoe polish and rubbing it till you achieve a shine. Remember to wipe off any extra polish. Your leather materials will be as glorious as new.

Clean Scum Off Water Tubs with Baking Soda

Water tubs often times get stained by a layer of scum due to an amalgamation of products from the reaction of hard water and soap. This layer is ugly and often proves difficult to remove. Use a mixture of liquid soap and baking soda with water to dissolve it off. After wiping, the tub will be clean as new and you can go ahead to use it.

Clean Toilets with Vinegar

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Clean resistant stains on the toilet bowl with vinegar and restore the white color. Vinegar also purges any odors from the toilet.

Use Toothpaste To Restore White Sneakers

If your sneakers have stained and the white color is not clear, use a wad of paste to clean off the stains and they will be restored to their former glory. Also, any white rubber can be restored back to white with toothpaste.

Toothpaste is also useful for cleaning dirty or worn out engagement rings back to their shiny states.

Clean Burnt Stick Pans with Water, Vinegar, and Baking Soda

Burnt pans are a pain to deal with. Use a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda then heat it in the burnt pan. Wipe off the residue and the pan will be clean.

Clean Your Keyboard With an Old Toothbrush

Dust and dirt that collects on your computer keyboard, your mouse pad, your mouse and even parts of the CPU, can be cleaned off using an old toothbrush. The bristles are thin and long enough to reach areas where normal fiber might not reach and effectively clean.

Collect Broken Glass Bits Effectively

Some of your cutlery might be glassware and they break often. Collection of broken pieces is a daunting task since you can get cut, and also there are really small pieces you might leave out that will hurt later. To avoid this, use a thick piece of bread to press on the floor area where the glass is, then collect and dispose of.

Use Chalk To Rid Off Grease Stains in Cloth

Grease is a particularly bothersome stain to get off clothes even with lots of soap. Rub some chalk on the grease stain area and the dirt will come off very quickly.

Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Use baking soda to purge oil, coffee or tea stains from your carpet. In addition, you can use rubbing alcohol to rub off nail polish that has stained your carpet.

Cleaning Your Cutlery

  • Use some sea salt to clean off dirt from your iron dishes.
  • Use cream of tartar to wash your stainless steel cutlery and surfaces.
  • To avoid scratching your glassware cutlery using other washing methods, use a ball of aluminum foil to clean the glassware.
  • Graters are hard to clean since you can hurt yourself trying to reach for the small bits in between holes. Grate a full raw peeled potato on your grater to help get rid of this bits. Then you can proceed to wash with soap.
  • Use lemon to clean off faucet stains.
  • You can also use lemon to keep your sink smelling fresh.


Cleaning Cabinet Doors

Use vegetable oil mixed with baking soda to clean your cabinet doors. If they are wooden, you can later dry them by using a hairdryer.

Cleaning Cloths

Use a sharp razor to scrap paint stains off from your clothes before washing them.

Use Coca-cola To Wipe Off Stains

Coca-cola can be used to wipe off rust stains on surfaces. It can also be used to clean off resistant oil stains from the floor, such as those in a garage floor, very efficiently.

Bathroom Cleaning

Use a mixture of baking soda and bleach to clean off any residue in your bathroom. This mixture will also restore the color of the tiles in the bathroom.

Shine Mirrors and Floors with Lemon juice

Squeeze some lemons and obtain the juice extract. This can be used to bring back the shine on your mirrors and dull floors, restoring them back to their glory.


There are more cleaning hacks for your home but the above should get you started  on the exciting journey of exploring cleaning hacks.


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