Everyday Products We Use At Home That Contains Toxins.

15 Jul Everyday Products We Use At Home That Contains Toxins.

In as much as we would want to be healthy and eat right for a prolonged life, there are some unnoticeable items that are always around us that are very toxic to our bodies and are probably the cause of our health problems no matter how much we check our diet. In order for us to be cautious of them, we need to be aware of each and very content we bring in our homes. A few of them are listed below.

  1. Deodorants and perfumes.

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Some of these fragrances that we use are not as friendly as the odor they have. Most of them are made up of chemicals like acetone and methylene that may cause nausea and irritation to the eyes and throat. You would think that you are just sick but the cause of your illness lies in that perfume that you love so dearly. Seek advice from your beauty consultant on a more natural alternatives to toxic perfumes and deodorants.

  1. Toilet disinfectants and bleaching agents.

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Most of these products contain very harmful chemicals for them to work effectively. For instance like the smell of the bleach is very irritating to the nose and you have to wear gloves while handling it since it can cause burns when in contact with your skin. The best alternative here is to have your DIY cleaning agents. You could mix baking soda with a little vinegar to scrub your toilet bowls and sink with it.

  1. Air fresheners.

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In as much as we want our home smelling fresh, air fresheners can be really toxic to our environment especially if not well ventilated. You could get some really fresh flowers or plants around your home as an alternative. Another idea is to get a fabric softener and add a little baking soda in it then spray your house with it. It is less polluting to your environment. Ensure your house is well ventilated after spraying.

It is best to try and avoid those insecticides in your house. Try cleaning your house and tidying up your kitchen to avoid bugs. In a severe case where you need to fumigate your house, it is best that you check into a hotel for a few days for the air to clear before coming back to clean your entire house just to make sure that there are no traces of the chemicals left.

  1. Switches and extension cables.

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Always be checking out for loose wires or switches that have lost a screw or two. Ignoring such things can cause a major harm to your home like fires and shocks. Before you go to bed, counter check that all lights are off and that the water taps are tightly closed else you wake up in the morning to find water everywhere and when you step on the water you instantly get electrocuted because of the switches that were left on or unattended to.

  1. Open hair in the kitchen.

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We all know that leaving your hair open around the kitchen is disgusting and unhygienic but it is also very dangerous. The products we use on our hair and the hair itself is highly flammable. Always have a hair net when in the kitchen just avoid harm to yourself.

  1. Gas cylinder.

Be sure to check your gas knob when going out or as you go to bed. Ensure the knob is tight and check if the cylinder has any kind of crack that might cause leakage. Before you do anything in the morning, open all windows to let clean air in just as a health measure.

Burning candles in our homes especially when you want to have that inviting feeling can be harmful to your health. Most of these scented candles are made of paraffin which when lit emits some dangerous chemicals such as benzene. You can use those artificial flames from the store just to avoid any emergencies at home.

You could think of warming up your home during the winter by lighting up your fireplace. That could be a very bad idea especially if you are using charcoal. This is because charcoal emits carbon monoxide which has very slight symptoms but the effects are fatal. In some instances, inhaling too much carbon monoxide causes death.

  1. Plastic items.

Avoid plastic containers, toys or water bottles around the house. They contain some elements like phthalate or are made out of PVC. Get an alternative to plastic or you could choose toys and plastic items that are labeled PVC free. Avoid plastic completely in the kitchen because they can cause quite a mess when in contact with fire and the smell of burnt plastic can also cause irritation of the nose.

  1. Broken glasses.

Always take a broken glass as a priority. Leave everything else and pick up the larger pieces carefully then seep the smaller pieces into a dustpan. You can then vacuum the area just to be sure that all the pieces are collected. Also, keep checking your glass utensils for any chip that could cut you as you are taking tea or water.

  1. Loose nails.

On your free day, take your time to walk around the house and check carefully on your wall for any loose nails that might prick you or tear away your clothes. You could also think of replacing the nails with other safer alternatives from the store that are plastic free.

The list is endless when it comes to anything that might cause harm to you and your family. Always be careful of anything around you and inquire about the contents of what you want to buy at the store just to make sure it doesn’t bring a long-term effect. Remember, staying healthy is one thing but living an accident-free life from the least expected things around your home is another. Have time to check around your house once in a while even for pests or tiny insects that come around your home which might be a danger to you.

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