Everyday Alternatives To Help Your Family Go Plastic Free.

23 Sep Everyday Alternatives To Help Your Family Go Plastic Free.

Things made out of plastic are very attractive and you find yourself buying them everytime you head out for shopping. However, plastics take years and years to degrade hence being an environmental hazard. Not all plastics are recycled as well so it is better to avoid using these products not only for our environment but for our own personal well-being.  It is possible to have a plastic-free home. You can get some of the products to replace the plastic or ways in which you can avoid plastic around your home.

  1. Kid’s toys.

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Most babies and toddlers love chewing or stuffing their mouth with toys. Plastic toys could have a harmful chemical which once consumed would cause harm to the body. Look for eco-friendly toys such as wooden toys which have more of natural elements. They last longer too.

  1. Food containers.

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Replace your plastic containers with foods that are packed in cardboard or foil paper. Avoid microwaving food in plastic as the heat will only speed up the reaction of phthalates which can transfer into your food. Go for more reusable options like tins or food bags.

  1. Food storage.

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Always encourage your family to store food in the fridge using mason jars, glass bowls or even steel bowls. This will help in avoiding the trouble of having to wonder where to take your plastics for recycling and will ensure a clean environment in your home. Food stored in plastic tends to go bad faster than when stored in other containers. Many homes have plastic bottles or containers stuffed in one plastic bag around the kitchen which doesn’t quite bring a pleasing picture.

  1. Shopping bags.

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For a longer lasting, washable and reusable bag, get one that is not plastic. You can also do your own DIY shopping bag out of canvas or a piece of cloth that you no longer use to make sizeable bags for the whole of your family to use on grocery shopping. Plastic bags are very dangerous especially when you have kids around. They could easily harm the child in terms of suffocation as the kids are playing around with it. If you really need to have a bag or two in the house, make sure you keep it as far away from your kids as possible.

  1. Home décor.

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Before deciding what interior décor to use in your home, ensure that you check its material with caution as not to get anything with plastic content in it. Be keen on things like flower pots, vases, and garden gnome among others. The chemicals contained in those plastics could easily harm your dog as he chews on them. Get ceramic products instead and if you like glass, be sure to keep them in a safe place out of reach of children or pets.

  1. Door Stoppers.

Get rubber made door stoppers for your baby’s room as plastic could easily crack when the door is banged and leave sharp pieces on the ground which could cut your baby.Go for stainless steel door handles as well as replacement of the plastic ones. Also, ensure the baby’s entire room is plastic free. You could replace plastic drawers with wooden ones.

  1. Water bottles.

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Stainless steel water bottles are much better in terms of durability and safety. If you prefer a glass made water bottle, just use a silicone sleeve to help prevent breakage. Dispose of the glass bottle once you notice some cracks to avoid cuts. It is not advisable to store hot water in even the hardest plastics.

  1. Phone cases.

This is one of the most important to avoid. Sometimes our phones overheat when we are charging it or when we overuse it. The heat on the phone will gradually transfer to the plastic case which, in a severe scenario might cause burns when in contact with your skin.

  1. Disposable cups.

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There are these cups that we love using especially when you have events like birthday parties. They are disposable yes, but how do you make sure you dispose all of them well and are they recyclable? Instead of having such questions, it is better getting melamine cups and plates that can be washed and used again. This is the best idea for going green and it is also cost-effective since you won’t keep going back to the store every time you have an event.

  1. Buy beauty products stored in plastic-free containers.

Things like lotions, perfumes, lip balms and foundation mostly come in plastic packages. Try getting the ones that come in metal containers or cardboard jars. If you are good at DIY, you can make a homemade lotion out of organic ingredients.

  1. Carry your own tin for takeaways.

If you love take outs or just carrying your left over, consider requesting your food joint to allow you to carry your own container instead of taking with you their disposable ones. This option is also best if you need to buy prepared food or meat at a store.

  1. Return containers for re-use.

Having to put tomatoes or fruits in a reusable bag is not the best idea as they can get crushed. Instead, get your own container and empty your stuff inside them or just have a habit of returning the plastic containers once in a while to your local organic market or store to avoid piling them in your house

  1. Get live plants.

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Want to have green around your house? Go for live plants instead of the plastic ones as they also bring in fresh air in the house. If you can’t be able to take care of a live plant because you are too busy, go for trees made out of natural materials like recycled cardboard.

Those are just a few of the alternatives of the daily things we use around the house that need to be plastic free. Other items are like combs, blow dryers, CDs, and DVDs. All these can be very dangerous especially when in contact with heat. It is better to get rid of all of them and decide to go green with eco-friendly products that will save our environment. Eventually your home will be fully green with everything plastic-free.



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