Creative tricks To Make Your Home Ceiling Look Higher

14 Nov Creative tricks To Make Your Home Ceiling Look Higher

People love living in houses that are spacious enough. Well, this has remained to be just a dream thanks to modern techniques of construction. Most modern apartments are not as spacious as the tenants would love. From small rooms to lower ceiling boards this has become a culture that many homeowners have been accustomed to. Ceilings add a very irresistible appeal to any house but lower ceilings make a house look squeezed and small.

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Living in a house with a sunken roof may make you feel imprisoned and restricted in your own house. Since it may prove futile finding a house with a higher ceiling, there are other ways to make your lower ceiling look high. With the right set of skills and tricks, you can just have that high ceiling you have always yearned for in your house. So, how do you achieve that? Here are compiled methods that can help you create an illusion of making your ceiling appear high.

Play with colors.


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If you ever want to create a different illusion of something then playing around with colors would be your first step. With the right choices of distinct and attractive colors, anything can appear totally different and unique every time it’s repainted. Having the right color coordination in your living room, your ceiling board will appear high. If what the experts advise is something to go by, then the ceiling should be brighter than the walls, this is so because the ceiling will be the center of focus. Thus, the ceiling will appear to be higher. You can opt to have a darker floor this will enhance the appearance of your ceiling.

Keep the light up.

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This is a trick that will easily create that illusion of having a higher ceiling. Lighting brightens up a room making the room look appealing. Beams of light rays hit the empty spaces of a room making the room look spacious. Mount wall lights on the corners of your living room. Don’t opt for chandeliers as they send their lights rays on the floor as opposed to wall lights. The wall lights will illuminate all over the ceiling creating an impression that your ceiling appears higher. By mounting the right wall lights your ceiling height gets enhanced.

 High curtains.

Modern or most houses have very tall windows that make a room look attractive. Not only that but they also enable you to get a glimpse of the neighborhood from the comfort of your room. Air aeration in your room is also enhanced making the air in your room so fresh and clean. Well, these windows have another advantaged; they can make your ceiling appear high. All you need to do is have floor-sweeping curtains. These curtains are very long running from the curtain rack to the floor. They also have artistic designs such as vertical stripes that run from up to down. These curtains are just what you need to create a different impression in your room.

Accessorize your walls.

Having an empty wall will definitely make your low ceiling appear very low in fact. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to add so many details on your walls as this will make your walls appear so much squeezed. Having details up on your wall will change the appearance of your ceiling. You can opt to have beautiful flowers vases mounted on the wall, beautiful and artistic photo frames, or even mirrors. All these will add an impact on your wall and in turn, your ceiling will look distinct. However, bear in mind not to overdo it, in that case, go for elegance and simplicity.

 Opt for lower furniture.

Selecting the right furniture when you have a low ceiling in your house becomes a very hectic process. It’s quite impossible to have very tall wardrobes as they may not even fit in your limited space. Since you don’t have the luxury of adequate height space, opt for low designed furniture. This includes having coaches that are low in size since your ceiling will appear to be very high. While at it, don’t go for a lot of furnituresthat will make your house look so much cramped and cluttered. If you can opt for multipurpose furniture the better for you. The lower the furniture the higher the ceiling appears to be.

Vertical stripes.

Have you ever noticed that when a short person wears a shirt with vertical stripes they look somewhat tall? The same trick and concept can also be applied in interior design when you want your ceiling board to appear high. Vertical stripes that are running from top to bottom tend to take the focus of anyone who enters your house. These verticals also create a sense of beauty in your house making your house look elegant at all times. With these stripes, you won’t have to add so many details on your walls which would make your walls appear crowded.

Think vertically.

Thinking vertically, figuratively speaking, is the key thing when it comes to making a low ceiling appear high. There is a lot of space vertically that you can tap in to and change the appearance of your house dramatically. You can have shelves on the walls, shelves that run from the floor upwards, you can also have drawers mounted high up the wall or even have artistic works fixed high up the wall. Basically, maximizing the vertical space pushes the ceiling up higher, illusionary.

If you want to be a happy homeowner living in a house with low ceiling board doesn’t have to be a barrier anymore. You don’t need to reconstruct your house again neither do you have to shift to another house, all you need to do is apply some few tricks here and there. Getting creative with the design and display of your house will turn around the look of your house immensely. Everyone who steps into your house will admire your house. Besides these steps, you can always seek professional help.


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