Companion Maids Partners With Cleanify

23 Aug Companion Maids Partners With Cleanify

Cleanify was started out of Canada and has since expanded into several US markets, looking to be a destination for clients all across both countries to have their cleaning needs met.

Companion Maids has long strived to be a Chicago maid company that focused on providing innovative solutions for a good booking experience, while maintaining a high quality of work. Because of a shared desire to serve clients using 21st century technology combined with high quality workmanship, we felt that partnering with Cleanify was a home run for our company.

We are still a young company that has served Chicago since 2014. We utilize many different avenues of marketing and networking to get our brand out there, so we were thrilled when Cleanify reached out to us. We did our research on this company, and once we got a sense of the values they stood for, we knew that offering our services on behalf of this company would be a good move for us.

Working with Cleanify has allowed us to of course work with clients that we may not have worked with otherwise, while providing a more well-rounded employment experience for our cleaning technicians. While Companion Maids doesn’t book a tremendous amount of hourly jobs, all Cleanify jobs are booked on an hourly basis, so we were able to fine tune how to work with a system that assigns a finite amount of time to a cleaning project.

Our staff has learned to work more efficiently, and begin to focus on areas of emphasis as needed, rather than simply cleaning the entire home over the course of a variable time slot. Because we generally do flat rate pricing, we normally work until the job is done, not necessarily paying much attention to how much time it takes.

Clients do seem to enjoy the lack of hassle in terms of not thinking about whether the price is going to fluctuate, but not all clients need their entire homes to be cleaned. In these situations, an hourly clean is usually a better option.

Cleanify of course allows us to practice these cleans and again, become more well-rounded. One way in which we utilize our staff with Cleanify is to send cleaners that are relatively new with us, but that we’ve already gained a good relationship with.

The different format allows our intermediate cleaners to become more versatile, which allows our overall staff to better serve our clients.

We first began conducting cleaning appointments as a Cleanify partner in February of 2015, a little over a year ago. Since then, we have performed hundreds of cleanings for this company, and there have been very few complaints on either end.

Cleanify has done a great job in terms of keeping the lines of communication open and prompt, and Cleanify clients are well researched and understanding.

We have enjoyed the work we have done with this company, and we will continue to explore ways in the future where we can continue to serve the great community in which we live.

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