Common Carpet Buying Mistakes That Homeowners Make.

23 Aug Common Carpet Buying Mistakes That Homeowners Make.

The carpet is a great addition to your floors. There are homeowners who buy carpets and get a great deal in the form of a great price and a great quality carpet.  They choose the best carpet color, size, and type for their home. Such homeowners have definitely done their research and know what their home needs.

However, there is this homeowner who has no clue about carpet buying but all the same wants a good deal.  Unfortunately, they can’t tell a good carpet from a bad one and this causes them a lot of distress when they bring the carpet home and discover that it is all wrong, from the coloring down to the size. Sometimes, even when the carpet is right, the homeowners don’t really know how to maintain it and in fact lack even the right vacuum for the carpet. It is still possible for homeowners to achieve carpet bliss thanks to the pointers outlined below in the form of common carpet buying mistakes that majority of them make.

Paying Too Much Attention to Carpet Face Weight.

A common mistake that many homeowners make is focusing on the face weight thinking that it makes a better carpet. What they fail to understand is that the overall quality of the carpet is not the face weight. Most of the time buyers focus too much on the face weight and forget other qualities like twist, density, warranties and even color. Don’t get distracted by the carpet salesperson who shoves carpet face weight to your face and claims that an 80 oz carpet is better than the 60 oz one.

Saving Money By Getting A Cheap Underpad

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Most carpet buyers underestimate the importance of the underpad and that is why they settle for the cheap ones. What most homeowners fail to understand is that the underpad is very important when it comes to safety and comfort of offered by your carpet.  Most buyers don’t understand that the underpad helps in reduce carpet damage by absorbing foot traffic pressure.  A good quality underpad isn’t cheap since it has to effectively preserve the look and feel of your lovely carpet.  If you have to choose where to save money between the carpet and the underpad, save money by buying a cheaper carpet instead and not a cheaper underpad.

Assuming Carpets That Look Alike Are Alike

This is another mistake that most homeowners make. They assume that carpets that look the same are actually the same, a totally misleading notion. If you see carpets looking alike but priced differently, they are definitely not alike. Look at the details in each carpet as you compare them. Check out the fibers, the styles, warranties and the quality before you settle on the cheaper lookalike carpet. You might think that you have gotten the best deal with the cheaper lookalike but without checking the details, you might end up with an old looking carpet that is not fit for display on your home floor.

 “Deals” and “Promotions” Clouding Your Vision

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In life, most deals are too good to be true and when it comes to carpet buying the story doesn’t change. Remember if you are saving on one end, you are going to pay on another end. Hidden charges are what most discount marketers use to prey on ignorant homeowners and the sellers win at the end of the day with a nice chunk of profit.  Don’t be quick to buy a carpet because of the free installations and lower-priced underpads. Avoid great-sounding carpet deals because in most cases they are anything but. Stick to the real prices and after checking out the essentials and ensuring that you have the best carpet for your home, go home and install your carpet or have a professional do it for a reasonable fee.  Know exactly what you are paying for and this can only happen if the “deals” and “promotions” don’t get to you first.

Cheap Carpet Installation

You have bought the perfect carpet for your home and now comes the installation part.  If you are thinking of doing it yourself with the help of a friend, then that is okay if you are installing your carpet in a square room. However, if your rooms are many and not really square, consider hiring a professional especially if you don’t know what you are doing. An improperly installed carpet will give you problems later on and even cause falls or get damaged requiring you to go back to the store again for a new one.

Buying The Wrong Carpet For Your Life And Climate

It is important to consider a carpet that is right for your life and climate area. If you have kids, shedding pets and a lot of guests, you will need a more durable carpet of the best quality. You will also need a carpet that does not show stains easily because kids and pets are known to make a mess anytime.  A stain resistant carpet would be ideal in this case.

If you live in a sunny climate then you will need a carpet that is fade resistant but if you live in a cold climate consider synthetic fiber carpets since they are less likely to get mold or mildew compared to natural fiber carpets. Always look beyond the carpet aesthetics and get the ideal carpet for your lifestyle.

Buying The Wrong Carpet Cleaner and Vacuum

When it comes to a carpet cleaner for your new carpets don’t cheap out here either. Your job is not done after you buy and install the carpet. Get a vacuum and cleaner that does a great job and you will continue enjoying the look and comfort of your carpet.

Sacrifice again and get that good quality cleaner for your carpet if you don’t want to go shopping again soon.  Buying a  cheap cleaner isn’t saving costs because when your carpets looks old and beyond help six months down the line, you will have to spend more getting a new one. Avoid the premature death of your carpet by investing in a good quality vacuum and cleaner. Why else did you go to all that trouble of finding the best carpet for?


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