Clever Ways On How To Hide Ugly Walls At Home

23 Sep Clever Ways On How To Hide Ugly Walls At Home

Whether it is bad painting job with water spots, writing stains from your now grown kids or leftover from the stickers and nail holes, you know how distracting an ugly wall can get. It literally beats any efforts made by your classic furniture and accessories to create a stylish and organized look. It is even more annoying if you are renting the place and you can’t make permanent changes.

Either because we are all selfish and want the person preceding to go through the same experience or its lack of cash to re-paint, regardless, you don’t have to worry anymore. There are clever tips you can incorporate to hide those draining walls. The best part about it is that you are killing two birds with one stone. While you are hiding ugly walls, you are also adding style by using some accessories that give your space personality. Here are some ideas that might transfer the ugly wall into a masterpiece.

Use  Wallpaper

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Using wallpaper on your wall is a bit complicated, but when chosen right coinciding with your existing décor, it can totally transform your room into a beauty parlor while making a statement. It is advised though, it is a perfect cover up for stains and writings but not for a damp wall. Wallpapering is actually one of the easiest ways to restyle your interior. This is because depending on the wallpaper you choose, can make your room appear larger, warmer and brighter; and vice versa. Yet with such a bountiful abundance of designs in the market, it can get a little intimidating. Therefore, you might want to research it to understand your options first.

Use art

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Art is popularly used as a masterpiece for any room, and we know how well it goes. It creates a visual appeal that can totally distract your guests by pulling them to the painting. Where art is concerned, the more the merrier. But since it is a cover-up, investing in one large canvas is wise. You should consider your space though if your room is small, you don’t want to hang art that will chew up all the visual space and overtake everything in the room. Art is such a personal choice, therefore pick out something that pleases you. Consider being open to other mediums too, like photography. Instilling wall lamps and hanging mirrors can also work well.

Install A Bookshelf

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Installing a bookshelf is a good solution for walls that are not in such a terrible state. It also adds a hearty dose of character to your space and speaks for the homeowner. There is nothing that feels as right as when I walk into a person’s home, and I suddenly realize how much I know them from their home decor. It creates a rapport, especially if you get to see some of your best book or music collection. You can consider a cabinet, which can also be used for storage if your space is small for a ceiling to floor bookshelf.

A Washi Tape Use

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If you are not on board, washi tape is a decorative masking tape made from Japanese rice paper. It is mostly enchanting by the bunch of possibilities it provides because it comes in gazillion colors and patterns. Although it is very adhesive, it’s quite temporary, which is not bad anyway because you don’t have much time to get bored of the decorations. It is a perfect solution for those, like me, who are in need of constant change and creativity. You can come up with various patterns like polka dots. Or if you want a larger cover up, you can use the decorative washi tape as a frame for your poster.

Add a different texture

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A room without texture variation will fall flat and one dimensional, in spite of owning various expensive accessories. Therefore, you can use this to your advantage and hide those ugly wall stains by adding some texture. Don’t worry, it is not as expensive as it seems. The result doesn’t have to be busy, in fact, keep it simple by finding out the layers that combine to give you the best result. The colors you use is key. If you are using art, for instance, you can try covering up the frame with the same fabric as the mat. It is a great way of creating a visual appeal that will go a long way to distract your guest in the best way.

Bamboo covering

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It can be a bit expensive, but you will be glad you invested in a bamboo exterior wall covering. It not only covers the walls but also creates an outstanding personality. It provides a natural ambiance to a room and when paired with some greens, it’s a wrap. There is something about going natural that can never go wrong. Though this is more of a permanent solution, therefore, doing it on a rental home might not be a good idea.

Cover your wall with curtain

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Using curtains can be a perfect cover up for unsightly walls. Consider investing for a quality curtain, one that makes a room feel warm and luxurious. Curtains can also be used to create an illusion of a window. A map mural can also serve the same purpose. The big difference is, it instantly makes your wall look immensely interesting. They range from world maps to whatever map you want based on your taste. If curtains don’t do it for you, try map murals.

Use your photos to create a wallpaper

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I have preserved the best and my favorite for last, using your photos to create some sort of wallpaper. This will immensely work in not only creating a visual appeal and covering up your ugly wall but also gives character and personality to your room. It has a perfect visual illusion when the photos are arranged in a neat brick pattern. This is can be achieved because each horizontal line is created using photos of the same size when printing them out.

There are more ways that you can hide ugly walls. Just be creative and if the ugly wall is just too much, you can always consider doing a wall facelift and turn it into the wall of your dreams.

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