What is your rescheduling or cancellation policy?
You have 48 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning to reschedule or cancel. Any changes made within 48 hours notice will result in a $70 fee.

What is the difference between the flat-rate and hourly service?
The flat-rate service includes the cleaning of the number of bedrooms & bathrooms selected, kitchen, and common area.

The hourly service is for custom jobs, post-renovation cleanings, and offices. It is mandatory to select hourly service for post-construction/renovation cleanings. All extras are inclusive of the hourly rate. Please note the duration of the cleaning will depend on the size and cleanliness of your home, as well as the extras required. We would contact you during the cleaning if more time is needed. Please include as much information as possible in the Special Instructions.

Do I need to supply any cleaning supplies?
We provide all supplies necessary for the cleaning, including a vacuum cleaner. If you require a specific type of product, please provide it for us. We do not carry a stool or a toilet brush.

What are things that you don’t do?

We can only clean as far as arms reach. We do not get on anything higher than a 2-step stool due to the safety of our professionals. We do not move furniture over 30lbs so a similar reason.

Can I request the same cleaner or be assigned a different one?
Yes! You may request to have a specific cleaner for your appointment – please mention it in the comments section. Requesting a cleaner may require flexibility in the appointment time to account for the cleaner’s availability.

My question is not listed.
Please use our online chat function located below. You may also give us a call at (773) 346-6714.