Benefits of floating shelves in your home

15 Jul Benefits of floating shelves in your home

If you are looking at organizing your home, then you should be thinking of instilling floating shelves. You not only appropriately store your stuff but also do it in a very stylish and trendy way if well instilled. Space is a challenge in most homes and if you are looking for the best way to maximize it, shelving is a perfect choice. There are a wide variety of shelves and most, if not every person’s taste is accounted for. Additionally, most modern shelves regardless of their style and shape present a clean display. They accelerate the wall in a sophisticated way and maintain neatness.

Depending on your room, you can have them instilled in even the most unlikely corners and still come up with something you’d be proud of. Shelves instilled right on top of your door create a vertical illusion, automatically making your room feel bigger. Corner shelves, though mostly ideal for bathrooms, can still fill in the vacant of your lounge walls in an unimaginable, but perfect manner. Whatever your choice might be, adds perfection to your home and spice to your vanilla walls. They enliven your overall décor and make your home look clutter-free. If being just stylish doesn’t just cut it for you, here are some more ways you can find floating shelves very beneficial.

Add function

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Floating shelves can do so much more than sitting on the wall in neat lines, you can add in some function. For instance, do you have a convenient place where you can store your shoes? If not or you just want to show them off, you should get floating shelves. Install the shelves in an attractive pattern them display your collection. You can now admire your shoes even when they are not on your feet. If you also want to give your bedroom a more dynamic and open look, you can use low shelves as your nightstand. You might end up with more usable space than a regular nightstand. Furthermore, they are more affordable compared to most nightstands. A shelf that is well placed can also act as wine storage which is easily accessible plus you can show off your taste. Whatever comes to your mind, add function to your shelves. Don’t limit yourself!

Fill up the corners

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Corners are one underutilized space, and you can change that by using floating shelves. Frankly, it is the best way you can fill up that space and leave it looking brilliant. When you have limited space, fill up the nooks with these shelves without having to sacrifice precious space someplace else. It looks best when instilled in the bathroom because even the extra toilet paper, cleaner detergent, and soap look great when arranged on a corner floating shelf. Your bathroom storage can be beautified by adding those shelves. Moreover, they give an airy and light look to your small space compared to other storage solutions you might come up with. Therefore, utilize your corners by making extra space for yourself while decorating at the same time.


Floating shelves can provide storage space as well as other storage units but without the use of bulky cabinets. This makes your space look open therefore creating an illusion of a bigger room. It is an effective way of storing books and other personal items. If you have kids, you also know how easily their toys can take control over every room, for storage, you can use floating shelves. They are not only effective in storing the toys but also keep some out of reach, therefore, regulating clutter and enables rotation of toys.

Adding personality

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One of the most effective ways to make your house stand out from the rest and give a homey vibe is by adding some personality. Add character to your home and let your space speak volumes about the people who live there without you uttering a word. Creating a personality to your space is as good to your décor as it is to create an impression on your guests. How does it feel when you walk into a home and you feel connected to the person? It opens a doorway for a person to know more about you. A simple display of art on your floating shelf can be a good conversation starter. Therefore, share your hobbies and interest by choosing the perfect shelf to complement your lounge and collectibles.

Organize Clutter

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Nothing screams messy like clutter. Clutter makes it impossible to have an organized, clean home. Therefore, bring some order to your home by designating a place for everything. A new set of floating shelves allows you to organize anything from your pantry to your living room and home office. Furthermore, when well instilled they have the added advantage of making your room look bigger. Pure frustration is when you are late for work and that’s when your car keys decide to disappear. Take care of such situations before they occur by instilling shelves to store stuff you use regularly and will be easily accessible. Take your time to organize your things in a logical way while incorporating some design aspects that have visual appeal. Your floating shelf is not a place to get overwhelming otherwise you will have nothing close to organized and airy.

Organizing your closet

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At some point, we’ve all looked for help on how to keep our closets neat. While there are various ways to achieve organization, I have found floating shelves in closets very effective. Definitely, start by categorizing your clothes to find out what would be the best way to store them before investing in a storage system. Additional shelving in your closet wall is better if you are working with a big space. Regardless, it can convert your small closet into a space that can accommodate your entire wardrobe. It is most effectively caters to your accessories and performs storage. You can also have them to display your shoes for easy accessibility. Additionally, shelves are great for folded or rolled up clothes.

Floating shelves as you have seen provide both can function and design. Basically don’t limit yourself in utilizing your space, especially those nooks that are just bare.


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