5 Reasons Hiring A Maid Is Stressful

23 Jun 5 Reasons Hiring A Maid Is Stressful

People are busy and houses need to be cleaned. But what do you do if you’ve never used a maid service or you’re not happy with the one you’re using? Well we understand (part of the reason we started this service!)

With that thought, here are some reasons hiring a maid service in general is stressful, and what you can do about it.

1. Language Barrier

Sometimes the best maids out there are hard to communicate with in English. This is unfortunate, because it can be difficult to work out details and explain specifics to someone if there is a communication gap. In this case, the solution is simple but not always obvious — go with a Maid Service. A good maid service will almost always have someone that manages talent, and is always searching for the best cleaners out there. A maid service will vet cleaners so that you don’t have to.

2. Trustworthiness

Your home is your palace, your sanctuary, your haven, your…you get the point. Naturally, you don’t want to just let anyone into your home. A pretty good thing to make sure of is whether the service or maid service you are looking into is bonded. Bonding insurance covers theft, so if anything disappears from your place, the service can not only compensate you for it — they are insured to do so. It’s a good idea to also figure out how much the bonding insurance is for before you make the plunge.

On top of that, make sure that the service or maid is background checked and/or has references. 99% of good cleaners out there are honest, reliable and trustworthy, but it’s always good to be safe.

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3. Different Versions of ‘Clean’

Your clean and your maids’ sense of clean might be completely different. However, in most cases, there a few minute details that spell the difference between a mediocre clean and a great one. Do you prefer a regular clean, or a deep clean? Do you want your interior windows cleaned? Are you incredibly low maintenance? Whatever your expectations are, it’s a good idea to get a sense of what is included in your service. Some services will give you a checklist of what is included in their different cleaning packages.

If that isn’t available, inquire about your what’s included. Of course, if a service does more than you expect, great, but never find yourself on the wrong side of the deal!

4. Appropriate Cleaning Products

You may have young children, or housemates of the four-legged variety. If this is the case, and even if it is not, you might be better served by requesting eco-friendly products for your home. Most services tout ‘green products,’ but what they’re really doing is using just as damaging products with a higher level of dilution, which means — same nasty ingredients, much less clean.

With that said, make sure your maid service uses green products. That chemical smell you may be used to, frankly, is bad for you, and there are some great alternatives out there. We are a green company as well.

5. Convenience Factor

Probably the biggest thing that separates old versus new cleaning services is the convenience factor of booking. A lot of the older services are focused more on things like surveying your place before giving you a quote, or booking you for hourly rates. If you don’t have a lot of experience with different maid services, it can be especially difficult to predict how long it will take to clean your home, and a maid may clean differently if they are given time constraints.

Newer services tend to focus on a flat-rate price for convenience. A more modern service will also accept credit card as payment, with the ability to book online. Typically, a more convenient service will be more expensive, but also deliver more value as the maids are being compensated more to clean your home. But if you are looking for a deal, there are plenty of services out there that offer some big discounts.