10 Ways That You Can Make A Great Home Impression

23 Sep 10 Ways That You Can Make A Great Home Impression

People make up their minds about other people within seconds of meeting them, and so it stands with property too. Guests will have an opinion about your home the moment they step on the front door. The first home impression is very important, besides you never get a second chance at it. Therefore as much as people wouldn’t want to judge, it is almost inevitable not to perceive you as per the vibe they feel when they are in your home.

It would feel amazing if a guest walks into your home and their breath is taken away by your deliberate tasteful design and style. How wonderful would it be for people to fall in love with your home the moment they step on your doorstep? Well, the following are 10 ways that you can create a great home impression:-

  1. Styled entryway to set the tone for your home

Your entryway is the first thing that your guests see; therefore, it is important for you to get it right. No pressure intended though, it is actually simple than it sounds. Let your entryway introduce your design theme. You can achieve this, for instance, by ensuring the doorstep is clean and tidy. Then you can use paint to express your personality and design.Although, you want to choose bright, neutral and organized as much as you’d have a quirky personality. A pretty or playful doormat will also create a great  home impression.

  1. A unique door knocker

You can never go wrong with a statement-making door knocker. It shows that you have style and are not afraid to show it. It goes without saying that a great door knocker will absolutely get noticed and might even make your guest take a few minutes admiring your taste. Apart from exotic, you can also go for a funny door knob. This will cleverly reduce any anxiety the guest might have by putting a smile on their face. Most importantly, it will give off all the right vibes and in the end, make the guest feel welcome.

  1. Have a well-lit hallway or first room

How would it feel to have your guest saying they wish they had the same lighting effect you have at their home. By lighting, it doesn’t mean the use of harsh and very bright light. Bright light might not be your style. By just having a great layered lighting, it can create a unique ambiance in all the right ways. Invest in some good lighting fixtures to help you transform your rooms into warm and inviting spaces.

  1. Create an uplifting scent

A lovely scent creates an amazing impression that can never disappoint. Besides, as much as fragrance is subjective, there are common scents that will drive anyone crazy. You can consider using vanilla or any other fresh scent for the best effect. The secret is also in keeping it balanced and minimal, you don’t want your guest feeling overwhelmed and choked. To be on the safe side, let your house smell of great food. If you love cooking, why won’t you bake cookies or have someone bake them and let the attractive scent of homey goodness welcome your guests? A great fragrance increases the value of your home and has you guest thinking….sophistication!

  1. Get rid of clutter

Clutter screams out of control and disorganization, which can be an ultimate turn off. Clutter also makes any space look smaller which in turn presents a chaotic vibe. There are steps you can use to declutter and manage your items. For instance, you can get a decorative basket or ottoman where you can place things that you regularly use. You could also invest in floating shelves which will not only serve as storage but also as an accessory.

  1. Personalize your home

It is surprising how your home décor can speak about your personality without you altering a word. It’s also an added advantage if a guest walks in and feels like they already know you. It creates a rapport between you and your guest, especially if you have some design tastes in common. Therefore, don’t be afraid to display your family photos, bookshelves, DVD collection or anything that shows your personality.

  1. Have a wow factor


Surprise your guest with a home décor piece that will incredibly catch their attention. Something that is impressive and if possible, unique. You can achieve this by having a statement piece of art, chandelier, furniture or decorations. You can also decide to be bold and go for impressionable choices like a lovely wallpaper designs.

  1. Have some greenery

Not only is green an earthy color but it cannot fail in any room. Have plants in your room but of course, don’t overdo it. Plants go a long way toward making a blank space look stunning and fresh. Plants bring a sense of life and warmth in a home. It says a lot about the owner of the home. And besides, you won’t have to worry about matching your home décor when it comes to plants, they automatically blend with any décor.

  1. Invest in special occasion utensils

The first thing you do when a guest comes into your home is offer them something to drink or eat. Well, that’s a great opportunity to make a statement too. Invest in unique and stunning serve ware that will impress your guest. It’s a subtle gesture but will go along to speak of your style and sophistication.

  1. Set the right temperature

Having the right temperature will come in handy, especially if the temperature is harsh outdoors. Your home acts as a rescue and the guest will become almost grateful to be inside. If it is winter, you can warm up your home by lighting up the fireplace. If it is sweltering hot outside make sure your home is cool in contrast.

The listed tips are going to help your home create a great home impression irrespective of who the guest is. Incorporate some of them and see your guests appreciate your tastefulness, some might even learn a thing or two and incorporate it into their own homes too. Having a home that speaks greatly of you can be an added advantage if your reputation of style is far-reaching.

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