10 Must-Know Cleaning Tips For Parents

23 Sep 10 Must-Know Cleaning Tips For Parents

Children are a source of joy that brings a lot of happiness to a couple. They approach life with such innocence and wonder that somehow gets into you in the best way. Kids make you laugh, not the polite laugh you give after hearing a dry joke, but a genuine hearty laugh. Besides, they are a legitimate reason for you to watch cartoons and play games. But there’s a catch. After you spend an impressive four hours cleaning stains around the house, only to have them back before the sun sets, you realize it is a full-time job and you need some cleaning tips.

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With everything else thrown in with parenthood, you are not alone in thinking that you did not sign up for such. While it might be easy to let your house go, it is not the best idea. It is hard to maintain a clean home, of course, but so worth it for both your kids and you. That is why you need all the help you can get. We got you. Here are some cleaning  tips that will ensure you have a clean and tidy home, as you save time and maintain your sanity.

Cleaning out crayon and marker stains

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Crayon stains are fun to make for your kid as they are having the time of their life creating art. Crayons actually help your kid into their path of writing, but when they go vague and write on everything else rather than the paper, you know you are in trouble. It doesn’t look good. There are various things you do to get rid of these stains. The simplest one, that would hardly require an elbow grease, is by rubbing mayonnaise on the stain and let it soak for a while. Then take a damp cloth and wipe the surface. You can also use your hair blow dry to soften up the crayon stain, then wipe it off. To remove permanent marker stains, apply some toothpaste on the stain and scrub in circular motions using an old toothbrush. Kids also manage to get crayon stains on their clothes as much as on the walls. Simply soak the cloth in undiluted vinegar and rub the stains off using a recycled toothbrush.

Removing gum From your kid’s cloth

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Kids just seem to attract every sort of dirt throughout the day. One of the dirt is gum, so it is important for you to have some tricks up your sleeves when they come home from school with gum stuck on their cloth. To remove the gum, either place ice cubes on the gum or place the cloth in the freezer. This will harden the gum, and you should now be able to scrap it off using a blunt object.

Cleaning urine stains

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Kids are generally messy and often you will find pee stain on your seats or bed. This doesn’t mean you give up on your sense of style. There is a really effective and cheap way you can get rid of the stain, and particularly get the smell out too. All you need is hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwashing detergent. Make a mixture and put it in a spray bottle. Leave it for around an hour then come back and wipe it off. Your fabric will be stainless and the odor will be gone too. Consider ventilating your home if the smell gets to you.

Delegate duties

We like doing the household chores ourselves because we will do it better and in less time. While this is true, there are so many other duties thrown at you, that it will be more effective if you delegate some duties to your kids. This will not only be beneficial to you but also give your child a sense of responsibility and competency. Getting your kids to do chores is good for everyone. For instance, a toddler around 2-3 years can pick up toys and put them in a basket or set placement mats on the dinner table. A preschooler around 4-5 years can help set the table and putting away groceries. School-age children can help water plants or feed the pet. Consider finding a way to make them do it without you being in their case every time.

Ensure everything has a place

The main cause of clutter is when things don’t have a place to go. This will make your work very hard while cleaning and maintaining the order of your home. Therefore, consider giving everything their place and letting your children know. This will also ensure that you become disciplined in buying your kids toys. Frankly speaking, we never seem to buy enough toys for our kids and when never we see something cute, we’ll get for them. Not wrong at all, but buy those extra clothes and gifts as long as they have a place to go.

Remove glitter by using a lint roller

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Most kids love glitter, but parent loath them because of their nanoparticles that are so hard to clean. But glitter doesn’t have to be your enemy. Clean them by first removing as much as you can with a broom. Then use a tape-based lint roller to remove even the stubborn stains of glitter off your floor. If you don’t have the roller, you can wrap a masking tape around your fingers so that the sticky part is outside, then use that to clear the dirt

Cleaning Lego bricks

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Kids never get enough of Lego bricks, and they indeed do the trick of keeping them busy for a while. But, they can be very tricky and time-consuming when it comes to cleaning them one at a time. Therefore, place them in a net and wash them in your washing machine. It is essential you do the cleaning regularly because they often end up in their mouths as they play.

Baby wipes are essential

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If you don’t have baby wipes, go get them. They come in handy in many ways. Kids and stains go hand in hand, and this is where the wipes come in. by now, you know that it is easier dealing with stains while still fresh. Therefore, when your kid spills something, bring in the wipes. They are also great for cleaning seat belts

Remove floor scuffs using a tennis ball

When kids and pets move around, it is easy to have a messy floor. You can scrub it if you like, but there’s an easier option. Just make a hole in a tennis ball and place a broomstick in the space. It will do a great job on your floor.

Clean the toys in a dishwasher

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Having a hard time cleaning your kid’s numerous toys? Place them in the dishwasher and they will sparkly clean.

From the above information, you have now known some useful cleaning tips that you can use in your house where kid(s) lives and keep it clean and germ-free always


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