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Book your chicago cleaning service at the time and date of your choosing using our booking form. Put in your information, select your service and optional add-ons and reserve with your credit card – in 60 seconds or less.


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Once we confirm your reservation in our system, we assign one of our certified cleaning teams to your reservation. On the day of the cleaning, feel free to stick around or run a few errands while we make your home shine!


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That’s just it. Now you can relax. With quality, vetted teams and a flat price, you can rest assured that your home will be nice and spiffy. We back our work with our Companion guarantee so you can feel confident about your decision.

We will clean your home as if it were our own

At the end of the day, you deserve a clean home to relax in. We strive to make that process as easy as possible. With Companion Maids, you can expect a Chicago cleaning service with great customer service, high quality work and fair prices.

What people say about Companion Maids

Our Companion Guarantee*

We pride ourselves on being a Chicago cleaning service that does great work. However, if for some reason you’re not happy with the job we do, we kindly require a chance to re-clean the missed areas. If you still aren’t happy with the cleaning, we will gladly do whatever we can to make things right.

Ready For A Clean Home?

Companion Maids Will Make Your Home Sparkle

Companion Maids is an industry-leading Chicago cleaning service, which services the city and some northern suburbs. You may think that having a professional clean your home is not worth the expense, but you’d be wrong. A good maid or house cleaning service can:

  1. Keep you productive. If you don’t have time to worry about household minutiae because of your busy lifestyle, cleaning services can leave you with more time for the things that are really important: work, family or much-needed rest.
  2. Lift your spirits. You’ve heard the “a cluttered house is a cluttered mind” maxim, right? Well, it’s true. Being surrounded by a mountain of stuff is literally stifling. Ever wonder why hoarders seem to be stuck and depressed? It’s because their brain is so cluttered with the stuff that they see, it subconsciously depresses them.
  3. Keep you healthy. When clutter piles up in your home and is allowed to sit, dust, germs and other allergens can accumulate. All of those things can make you and your family sick. A regular or semi-regular house cleaning can eradicate those issues to make for a healthy home and healthy loved ones.
  4. Make your home showcase-ready. The most obvious benefit of a clean home is the fact that your home is always ready for visitors—both unexpected and planned—so the last minute, nerve-wracking “speed clean” is only a distant memory.

Why Companion Maids?

Companion Maids aims to be the most professional, reliable and affordable Chicago cleaning service. And it hopes to provide you with more than a clean, but an experience.

Booking with Companion Maids

The Companion Maids experience begins days or weeks before we even come to your home. With a crisp user interface, we want your booking experience to be just as pleasant as your cleaning, with a website that’s just as clean as your home will be.

Our easy 60-second booking form is made to be an accompaniment to your busy lifestyle, ensuring that you can book reliable service in an instant. The site is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

When you’ve finished booking, you’ll get an instant confirmation email. And if you have any questions or concerns, our friendly staff will respond professionally and promptly to take care of it. Though we request a credit card to book your cleaning, you are only charged once the job has been finished and you’re thoroughly satisfied. Don’t worry about your credit card info, though. We only use 256-bit SSL encrypted payment for both your peace of mind and ours.


Companion Maids is a licensed and bonded business, as well as a member of the Better Business Bureau. You can rest assured that your home and personal belongings are in good, clean hands, covered by industry gold standard insurance.


We’re different from all those other maid services because we charge per bedroom instead of by square footage. What does that mean? That means that if you happen to have a 1600 square foot studio apartment, you could get away with a cleaning as low as $97! Yes, that’s right. Our fee structure is designed to maximize your savings and for us to keep you as a repeat customer.


We guarantee our cleaners will always be on time. What that means is that depending on what part of the city you’re in and what time of day it is, we provide a standard “cleaning window” by which we measure on time. For example, if you’ve booked a 5pm rush hour cleaning on a Friday and you live in Skokie or Des Plaines, our cleaning window could be two hours. We know, we know. That’s quite a bit of a window, but we want to ensure that you get the best service and are satisfied with the job we provide you.

The Service

Our maids are highly vetted professionals who enjoy what they do and take their jobs seriously. They usually clean in teams of two to ensure the most efficient use of your resources and time. Since it’s your home, the service is just as customized as you want it to be. You only want one bedroom cleaned? Check. You prefer only green cleaning products? Got it. Would you like your dog let out or cat litter changed? Not a problem. Do you like your maids and want to request them each time? We’ll make that work.

Whether you’re booking a deep clean or a standard cleaning, you’ll be more than satisfied with the thorough job of your maids. Companion Maids will be the best Chicago cleaning service you can find. Bar none.

Your maids will arrive within a one hour window to make the smartest use of your time and theirs. It’s okay if you’re home to watch them closely. Or, you don’t have to be. Leave instructions for where to find keys and other essential information, and we’ll make use of that to go forth and conquer. Oh, and of course, we accept every major credit card to make your booking and cleaning even easier: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

After Your Cleaning

You’re only charged once your maids have finished the job. We’ll email you a receipt. If, on the off chance, you aren’t satisfied with your service, just dial the number on your receipt to quickly reach the owner who will rectify the situation immediately. We’re serious about our guarantee.

Still not convinced enough to try Companion Maids? Just check out some of our testimonials above, of some very happy customers. Some of whom were skeptical about using cleaning services in Chicago IL, and others who thought that hiring a maid would be a prohibitive expense. They’ll reaffirm that hiring Companion Maids will be worth it for you, your home and your family.

What You Need To Know About Cleaning Services In Chicago

Hiring a company for cleaning services for your residential property is often a complicated process. On one side of the spectrum is the history of domestic work associated with racism. While on the other side is the fear that you will be judged for a dirty home especially on the last day of a hectic week.

But similar to finding a service like hiring a cab, preparing dinner along with a variety other types of time-consuming chores, the Internet has gone onto revolutionize the way in which we can keep our homes and offices clean.

If you feel you can afford a cleaning service, the right professionals to handle your mess is often life-changing. It also frees up your time for the other more important and functional things you deal with on a day to day basis. As it has turned out, affordability is probably the main reason as to why the latest generation of “cleaning” or “maid” services has really started to gain traction.

In previous years, these types of services were only accessible and affordable for the wealthiest of people. But do not expect to just hand over the keys to your home to some stranger to deal with the black mold that your landlord has failed to deal with. The majority of the cleaning businesses place importance in communication that occurs between each client along with their cleaning-pros. Here are a few ground rules that should be established from both sides when it comes to hiring cleaning services in Chicago:

• When You See An Online Deal For 1 or 2 Hour Cleaning, And What You Need To Know Upfront

Typically, a one-bedroom and one-bathroom house will take at least 2.5 hours in order to clean. However, there is the possibility that even one small bathroom can take more than 1 hour for cleaning, particularly when it has not been cleaned properly for quite some time. For this reason, some of the better cleaning businesses offer a 2.5-hour minimum booking-policy. Cleaning experts suggest that you choose 3 things that you want to clean the most and have the cleaning professionals focus on these.

And even though the majority of the cleaning jobs will be billed for each hour, there are still others that are not. For example, some of the cleaners provide a time budget, but these are usually only estimates. It is agreed by most of the cleaning professionals that even the smallest of apartments take at least 2 to 2.5 hours in order to clean. However, there is an exception to this rule for the more extreme cases which includes ongoing construction works and hoarder situations.

You need to ensure that you are completely clear about how this cleaning time in your home or office will be used or spent. It is suggested to then conduct your own research to check on reviews of cleaners in the Chicago area. Find out the name of the cleaning professionals in your area and what type of payment they accept before they arrive at your home. If you take advantage of a deal or coupon, find out about their regular-priced rates for these services, in the case that you are really happy with their services and you would like to use them again.

• Is There Any Cleaning You Need To Do Before The Cleaning Professionals Arrives

To put it simply, the less of a complete disaster there is when they arrive, the higher your chances that the company can conduct a deep and serious cleaning on areas that you really dislike having to do by yourself. For this reason, think about making sure all your dirty clothes are in the wash basket and putting things back in the correct place, so the professionals have the time to focus on things like that gunk that has started to grow behind your toilets. In fact, according to a number of surveys, 2 out 3 home-owners will clean their homes before the cleaners arrive.

Should You Stay Home While Your House Is Being Cleaned?

According to the experts, the general consensus about to stay or to go is entirely your choice. Some home-owners prefer to be around, so they can walk the cleaners through the home, while just as many prefer to leave this job up to the experts. Regardless of your decision, any type of awkwardness about choosing to stay home will generally subside after your first meeting with the cleaners.

What Types Of Things Are Regarded As Off-Limits For Cleaning Professionals

There is actually a host of things that this industry disagrees on. This typically includes biohazards that include bodily fluids such as urine, feces, blood and pet messes. For many of the home-based cleaning services, black mold is out of their scope of work as it is a toxic substance that needs to be handled by the right professionals that specialize in this issue. In addition, some of the cleaning services will not move your heavy furniture, or conduct outdoor work or clean your blinds. In addition, you need to keep in mind that cleaning services cannot deal with pests as there is a specific certification that is required, and the cleaners are in no way classified as exterminators.

In addition, many of the cleaning companies have what is known as a “do-not-touch” list. The cleaners are trained to never touch jewelry, computer screens, TV screen or even windows because of streaking. In addition, a few other higher-skilled tasks like outdoor window-cleaning, duct cleaning, gutter cleaning along with restoration cleaning that is usually required after a fire or flood is also the types of tasks that need to be delegated to another type of specialists.

• What Type Of Chores Are The Most Sensible To Hire Out, And Which Ones Should I Rather Be Doing Myself

The way in which to decide what tasks may be worth hiring a cleaning service for is to think about if it was removed from your list of things to do, would it mean you could become more productive in the other areas in your life? If you are a busy professional then anything is regarded as fair game, as long as it remains in the scope of human-decency. Experts suggest that homeowners should not judge themselves for any type of household chore they would like to hire out.

However, once again it is highly advisable to conduct your own research. For example, some of the cleaning professionals will suggest that cleaning your shower is actually an easy chore. This is possible with using a solution such as baking-soda paste made up of 1-part water to 3 parts baking soda to assist in dealing with those stubborn stains on tiles. For reflective glass and mirrors, white-vinegar works like a charm. If you are the type of home owner that struggles with clutter, you are probably much better served by using the services of a personal-organizer over a cleaning service. You need to make a realistic decision on what is most important to you when it comes to cleaning and whether it is worth your while to hire out these services.

What Is The Protocol When It Comes To Tipping?

Many cleaning service companies in Chicago will roll the gratuity into overall costs of your service, which means you won’t have to worry about it. However, when the company does not include a gratuity fee, 10% to 15% is regarded as customary which is according to the ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International).

• Make Sure You Speak Up

If parts of the cleaning services you were offered with have failed to meet your standards, say something. Most professional cleaning services offered in Chicago take pride in the services that they provide, and they will appreciate your honest feedback. Keep in mind that the company is not able to improve on or remedy an issue you may have if they are not aware of what they have done wrong. Also, consider that it typically takes 3 cleaning sessions to optimize the exact way you like things done and your feedback is very important.

You can let the company know about the changes you would like to achieve in the way of making a phone-call, sending a text or email or even leaving a handwritten-note. If you find that you are still not happy with the services after you have communicated your requirements, it is often a better idea to find a cleaning business that is able to match up to your needs. You may want to look at the cleaning service Chicago Yelp or maid service Chicago Yelp to look through the reviews to assist you with your selection.

What You Need To Know About Commercial Cleaning Companies In Chicago

The industry for cleaning services has quickly become a top contender of the most popular sectors across the globe. The services are regarded as tide-minding and flexible by many consumers. Whether you manage a commercial company or work inside an office, you have probably already required some form of cleaning services. There are no doubts that cleaning service is a requirement in both commercial and residential areas. Just about everyone enjoys a clean and neat place. Your office or home areas should be clean and attractive to offer visitors with a relaxed and good feel environment.

Today there are a variety of companies in Chicago that offer an extensive range of commercial and residential cleaning services. If you are in search of commercial cleaning services, you need to conduct the correct research. This type of cleaning service involves employees that are highly-skilled experts to ensure the best quality services.

Cleaning services have become a requirement in just about every place imaginable, whether it happens to be a commercial setting or a home. Today all that is needed is a quick call to your preferred service provider and they will manage all those difficult and time-consuming tasks on your behalf. In addition, today there are various alternatives to select from. You can choose from the hourly basis, a contract basis or package basis. You can choose any option for your convenience.

The commercial cleaning service involves the process of hiring employees from a particular company to perform cleaning tasks. The commercial cleaning companies provide diverse types of cleaning services that include a variety of building like bars, cafeterias, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, office buildings and banks.

These businesses use quality equipment and cleaning solutions that make cleaning tasks easier and faster. The services are offered at a nominal charge and certain companies choose to train staff before they are hired out on a more regular basis. They make use of effective approaches in order to offer outstanding services that satisfy their clients.

It is of importance to know that commercial cleaning is not applied to just cleaning office buildings. Over and above this they usually offer unique services like offering toiletries, removal of graffiti, and furniture polishing. Certain companies offer monthly subscriptions or a contract.

Advantages Of Commercial Cleaning Services

• Flexibility

This is perhaps the best benefit when it comes to hiring a commercial cleaner in Chicago. For example, you can hire a service for an emergency situation such as spur of the moment office part. Additionally, the schedules are revisable to match up to your requirements and needs.

• Dependability

Dependability happens to be the individual aspect that distinguishes cleaning services. These services are run by the experts and you are guaranteed on a service you can rely on to keep your commercial space clean and tidy at all times.

• Low Costs

Cleaning services today are affordable and can meet up to the budget for just about any business owner. The services handle cleaning, dusting, vacuuming or carpets and furniture, carpet shampooing along with any other types of tasks you need that will have to be performed with a specialized equipment and tools.

Commercial cleaning services are popular in regard to the extensive array of benefits and make sense for just about any organization or firm.

Chicago Travel Guide

Chicago, America’s third-largest city is famed for its thriving art scene and bold architecture. Throughout its lifetime, this city has been described in a myriad of ways and today it remains as diverse as it was before. Every part of Chicago draws the eye. From its buzzing and vibrant waterfront district, historical monuments such as the Cloud Gate to sky-high buildings, this city is a thriving spot that is absolutely worth a tour.

If you are wondering why you should visit this city that is known to have many loyal sports fans, here are some of the reasons.1. Cutting- Edge Architecture

If you are visiting Chicago’s Downtown District, you will come across packed buildings with amazing 20th-century architecture. Among the stunning skyscrapers include structures designed by renowned architects like Frank Gehry’s Pritzker Pavilion, Frank L. Wright’s Robie House, Louis Sullivan’s Auditorium in addition to towering buildings such as the Hancock Tower and the Sears Building.

2. Sports

Chicago is renowned for having many sports enthusiasts. It is a sporting city which has a pro-team for each sports season. You can join the raucous crowd at Wrigley Field as you watch the Chicago Cubs play or catch the Bears’ NFL game at the Soldier Field.

3. Museums and Art

This city has a wide collection of museums, galleries and public art exhibitions to explore. The museums contain artifacts, paintings, drawings, impressive masterpieces that cover the earliest history, politics, art, science etc. Chicago is the only place in the US where you can come across an abstract statue of Picasso along the streets.

4. Food

If you are visiting this place, then you need to loosen your belt in advance. Chicagoans love to eat and from the wide range of local and international cuisine, you can try ethnic specialties such as the Mexican Carnitas, the Vietnamese Pho, the Polish Pierogi, Chicago-styled stuffed pizza and others.

5. Culture

Chicago is a multi-cultural city hence its culture is diversified. As a major port city, this place has always been the disembarking point for foreigners. The renowned city of music and art gave birth to the cool Blues rhythm and there is even a Blues Fest which usually attracts more than half a million people. During the Lollapalooza’s mega rock party, bands normally serenade the large audience with arm- flailing jams.

Are you now ready to visit this magnificent city? Well, here is the Chicago Travel Guide.

Top Attractions in Chicago

Chicago has everything that you would expect to find in a major city. From the beautiful shopping districts, world-class museums, vibrant streets to picturesque parks, there something for everyone to explore. If you are here to for a getaway, to relax or to learn, you can’t miss something to do. Some of the top sights include:

• Millennium Park

Also known as Chicago 2000, Millennium Park was designed to celebrate the start of the millennium year. The public park which is found within Chicago’s Loop Community receives millions of visitors annually thanks to its impressive art collection which feature famous art pieces by renowned artists such as Van Gogh, Renoir, and Monet. In 2017, this civic center was rated as the top tourist destination not only in Chicago but also in the Midwest.

• Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute is one of the notable institutions in Chicago and one of USA’s oldest art museum. The center houses impressive collections of the impressionist as well as the post-impressionist art which includes work from numerous genres. The Art Institute of Chicago features over 300,000 pieces of arts in a permanent collection. If you visit this center, you will come across pieces from the Byzantine era, traveling exhibitions which cover a wide range of subjects, intriguing artifacts, recent paintings etc. All these showcase America’s diverse history and the wide array of artists.

Art of Institute has impressionist collection that features pieces from Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, George Seurat and others. The popular institute is recognized worldwide for its curatorial efforts with millions of visitors making pilgrimages here annually.

• Magnificent Mile

The Magnificent Mile, a premier commercial district, is known as the home for finer things. Regarded as the busiest pedestrian street in Chicago, Magnificent Mile is an upscale haven for window shopping thanks to the designer shops, posh hotels, cool restaurants and luxury fashion outlets which are found here. This vibrant and bustling area is also home to Chicago Four Seasons, the Chicago Water Tower among others.

• Museum of Science and Industry

A revolutionary in the Science and Industry sector, this museum offers hands-on experience about the world’s famous resources. Museum of Science and Industry is regarded as the largest science center in Western Hemisphere. Among its amazing exhibits are a full-size coal mine replica, the command module of the Apollo 8, a 3500 square-feet model of a railroad, the first diesel-powered passenger train, a U-505 German submarine that was captured during the second world war and many others.

• Wrigley Field

This baseball park which was first opened in 1914 features a refreshing and true air of Chicago culture. One of the oldest baseball parks in America and home to Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field is renowned for its unusual wind pattern which is heavily influenced by Lake Michigan’s breeze. Other outstanding features of Wrigley Field are the iconic red marquee that’s found at the main entrance, its outfield wall which is ivy-colored and the hand-turned score-board. Individuals who have toured this field describe the whole experience as very nostalgic.

• The Chicago Architecture River Cruise

If you want to get a better view of Chicago’s skyscrapers then don’t visit the Skydeck or 360 Chicago. The Chicago Architecture River Cruise offers great views and amazing historical insights of renowned buildings such as the Fulton House, Leo Burnett Building and the Wrigley Building. Companies like Chicago Line Cruises and Wandella Sightseeing offer great architecture river cruises with photo ops of the superb city skyline.

• The Field Museum

The Field Museum, a center with extensive natural history, is one of the biggest museums in the world. It has maintained its status as a premier museum through the quality and size of its scientific and educational programs in addition to the extensive artifact and scientific specimen collections. The children-friendly museum houses exhibits which showcase different artifacts from various eras and locations. The most popular sections of Field Museum include exhibits of the ancient Egyptian tombs with interactive real-life representations of life along R. Nile. Others include Abbott’s Hall of Conservation, past and current cultures, the urgent need of conservation, earliest fossils, meteorites and many others. The Field Museum’s diversified and high-quality of permanent exhibitions attract over two million visitors yearly.

• Lincoln Park Zoo

The 35-acre zoo park which was established in 1868 is one of the oldest in North America. Lincoln Park is a free-admission zoo that contains numerous animal species. Its great location allows visitors to extend their trips to the park, the lake or in the nearby conservatory. Major exhibits in Lincoln Park Zoo include the Farm-in-Zoo, Nature Boardwalk, Kovler Sea Lion Pool, Regenstein African Journey, McCormick Bird House, Hellen Brach Primate House among others. This park is home to animals like reptiles, big cats, penguins, bears, monkeys etc. Also found here is a burr oak tree which has history that dates back to 1830.

• Chicago Cultural Center

This landmark center which was built in 1897 is Chicago’s official reception venue. As the first free municipal-cultural center in America, the Chicago Cultural Center is one of the most popular attractions which showcases comprehensive arts. Every year, over 1000 exhibitions and programs which cover performing, literary and visual arts are featured here. Chicago Cultural Center also serves as the Chicago Children’s Choir headquarters.

Chicago is a city with numerous attractions. Whether you are on a tight budget and you’re looking for avenues with free passes or you want to explore some of the city’s fine and luxurious corners, you will definitely find something that suits you.

Where to Eat

Most of Chicago’s bars and restaurants reflect its rich diversity. While deep-dish pizzas, hot dogs, and sandwiches can be found anywhere from the streets to the big restaurants, there are also luxurious eateries which are helmed by renowned chefs. Neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Greektown are known to serve local culinary delights while big restaurants such as Alinea have curated delights. With a mixed culture, you cannot miss restaurants that serve exotic cuisine such as Italian, Mexican, Spanish etc.

The mix of the local neighborhood food outlets, traditional eateries, and high-end restaurants gives Chicago the best itinerary when it comes to dining. As a traveler, you will have a wide range of food options to choose from. From the celebrity-owned restaurants to the roadside stands, here are some of the places where you can eat and drink.

• Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf

Bavette’s is an upscale steakhouse with an America menu and a dimly lit brick & wood setting. Located in W. Kinzie Street, Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf�s main menu is the classic traditional steakhouse. There is also shrimp cocktail, Foie Gras Terrine appetizer, Smoked Trout Caesar, seafood platters which involve oysters, shrimps, crabs, and lobsters.

• Alinea

Found in Lincoln Park, Alinea is one of the top restaurants in the world that is rated with three Michelin stars. It features one, seasonally-driven menu that has 18-20 courses. Dining in Alinea is a fun, provocative and emotional experience. This restaurant has been praised universally for its innovative and unique approach when it comes to modern cuisine. Unlike most restaurants, Alinea doesn’t have any typical dish because its menu changes every four months. You might also need to book a table in advance.

Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab

This legendary eatery features a menu with a wide array of fresh seafood. The restaurant’s top dishes include seafood varieties of shrimps, mushrooms, oysters, crab cakes, octopus etc. Joe’s signature prime steaks and cocktails are also popular with diners.

• Little Goat

Little Goat, a diner which belongs to celebrity Chef Stephanie Izard houses a big creative menu which features classics of comfort food. This Chicago restaurant is popular for breakfast, lunch, dinner and solo dining. Little Goat’s highlights include great tea and dessert selection, rooftop and outdoor seating and others. You can visit this vintage booth and try their luscious pancakes with pork belly pieces or goat meat with rosemary slaw which are dinner and lunch favorites. Apart from that, there’s kids’ menu, cocktails, wine and spirits as well as organic and vegetarian dishes.

• Benny’s Chop House

This is a high-end steakhouse that’s known to serve seafood, aged steaks and pasta. The Chicago chop house has earned praise with diners because of its well-prepared dishes and excellent menu. Reviewers have described Benny’s Chop House’s wine as well-refined and the meat simply melts in the mouth. Apart from the exceptional beers, filet mignon, crab and Lobster Louie, you cannot miss this restaurant’s maple-glazed bacon.

• Giordano’s

Giordano’s, found near the Navy Pier is popular with locals and visitors alike thanks to its mouthwatering “stuffed” pizzas. A slice of Giordano’s pizza simply tastes heavenly. You can even order a special which contains mushrooms, onions, green pepper, and sausage. Giordano’s has numerous branches in Chicago and they all serve the tasty Chicago-styled stuffed pizza.

• Hopleaf

This cozy tavern with a European-like ambiance is found in Andersonville. Hopleaf restaurant is known to draw big crowds of food lovers thanks to its enticing sandwiches that are filled with butter and jam, creamy and tasty macaroni, mussels which are ale-soaked and the uber-tasty fries. Hopleaf has about sixty beer taps which pour more than 200 types of brews! Regardless of the season, you cannot miss visiting this place because even during winter, there is a big fireplace which usually warms the fully-packed tables. You don’t have to sweat as you enjoy your meal here during summer as Hopleaf has a beautiful and cool garden patio that is umbrella-shaded.

• Irazu

Irazu might as well as be the only Costa Rican eatery in Chicago which serves traditional home-cooked foods. The BYOB restaurant with no corkage fee has a vegetarian-friendly menu and a large outdoor patio. Its menu features Costa Rican burritos, sandwiches and shakes.

• Mercat a la Planxa

This is a creative and Catalan-inspired tapas and seafood restaurant with a swanky setting is found in South Loop. Mercat a la Planxa boasts of great views of L. Michigan thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows. You can take a flavorful and delightful food tour and enjoy the Catalonia specialties which feature delicious authentic Spanish cuisine. Mercat a La Planxa also serves street-food style starters, meats, seafood and more.

• Lost Lake

This tropical-cocktail bar with a relaxed vibe is found on the border of Logan Square and Avondale. With a tiki-inspired lounge and reggae music in the background, Lost Lake serves a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks ranging from passion and pineapple juices, lime and grapefruit juices and a curated selection of over 200 rums.

Where to Stay in Chicago

Chicago has some of the hippest neighborhoods with a wide range of accommodations. They include:

Hyde Park

It’s one of the city’s prominent neighborhoods that is located on the southern side, along the south lakefront. Hyde Park is an iconic historic center that has played host to the likes of Muhammad Ali, President Obama, Clarence Darrow etc. This neighborhood has numerous Victorian mansions and it is also home to the University of Chicago. It contains great museums, tree-lined streets, bookstores, budget street-foods and others.
Hyde Park is good for all types of travelers and some of the hotels found here include:

• Chicago Lake-Shore Hotel – it’s just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful sandy beaches. This hotel has great guestrooms with extra-large beds, air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, free guest parking, free shuttle service, ensuite bathroom, TV with cable channels, on-site restaurants etc.

• Hyatt Place Chicago – The hotel is just five minutes’ walk away from the University of Chicago and it features fully-furnished and air-conditioned guestrooms, flat-screen TV, indoor pool, a fitness center, ensuite bathroom, ironing facilities, free shuttle service, a 24-hour café etc. It is suitable for all kinds of travelers.

The Loop

It is one of Chicago’s downtown communities and often the first stop for most visitors who are traveling to this city. The Loop is neighbored to the east by L. Michigan and Chicago River to the west. It comprises some of the tallest buildings which make the impressive Chicago skyline. The Loop has a top-rated assortment of theaters, art centers, museums etc. Hotel accommodations found here are good for all kinds of travelers including:

• The Hyatt Regency Chicago- it’s just a couple of minutes away from the beach and it features fully-furnished guestrooms equipped with modern amenities like flat-screen TV, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, iPod dock, seating area, multiple dining options, ensuite bathroom, fitness center and others.

• The Virgin Hotels Chicago – Virgin Hotels is just a short distance from the Millennium Park. This world-class boutique hotel contains lifestyle-oriented and well-decorated guestrooms with ensuite bathrooms, minibar, flat-screen TV, on-site restaurants, coffee machine, a library, full-service spa, dressing area etc.

Lincoln Park

Previously known as the Lake Park, Lincoln Park neighborhood features a mix of young families, college students, fresh graduates and the likes. It’s a fashionable and vibrant district with attractions such as the Lincoln Park Zoo, St. Michael’ Church, DePaul University, Biograph Theatre etc. Hotel recommendations in Lincoln Park include:

• Hotel Versey – Versey is a short drive from the DePaul University and Lincoln Zoo. The hotel’s guestrooms are well-furnished and equipped with facilities like laptop safe, coffee/tea maker, Wi-Fi, ensuite bathroom, flat-screen TV, disability access etc.

• Hotel Lincoln – This hotel about ten minutes’ walk away from Lincoln Zoo and it features well-decorated and air-conditioned guestrooms, Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, laptop safe, ensuite bathroom, coffee/tea maker etc.

Magnificent Mile

It is regarded as Chicago’s elite-commercial district. Commonly known as the Mag Mile, this vibrant neighborhood is found in the Downtown District and it serves as the main access point between Gold Coast and the Loop neighborhoods. Magnificent Miles has a wide range of mid to high-end stores with several bars, restaurants, and hotels which line its streets. According to research, this is the 8th most-expensive rental neighborhood in the US. Its highlights include the Wrigley Building, Chicago Water Tower, One Magnificent Mile Building, John Hancock Center and others. Some of the hotel recommendations in Magnificent Mile are:

• Kenzie Hotel- A boutique hotel that features upscale guestrooms with facilities like flat-screen TV, minibar, ironing facilities, ensuite bathroom, a fitness center, seating area, laptop safe, in-room dining and massage services among others.

• Hilton Chicago- it’s just a short distance away from the beach. The stylish and opulent property has world-class all-suites accommodation which features personalized services, luxurious amenities, a bar, fitness center and others.

Gold Coast

This is Chicago’s historic neighborhood and it is found near the North-Side community. Gold Coast is synonymous with the Great Chicago Fire. The opulent neighborhood boasts of upscale boutiques, luxurious mansions, row houses, skyscrapers and restaurants that are Michelin-starred. The Oak Street is Gold Coast’s shopping street and for the best nightlife, head to the Rush Street.
This neighborhood is good for all types of travelers especial those who want luxurious accommodations. Hotels found here include:

• Thompson Chicago – it’s just five minutes’ walk away from the beach. It contains well-furnished guestrooms with a minibar, Wi-Fi, ensuite bathroom, flat-screen TV, fitness center, private parking, on-site dining etc.

• Ambassador Chicago – located a couple of minutes away from the beach, this luxurious hotel has air-conditioned guestrooms with free Wi-Fi, safety deposit box, flat-screen TV, ensuite bathroom, on-site restaurant, coffee shop, a bar, fitness center etc.

South Loop

South Loop is one of Chicago’s oldest neighborhoods and it features many landmarks. The tourist hotspot is home to the Clarke House Museum, McCormick Place, and the Marshall Field Jr. Mansion among others. Some of the main accommodations in South Loop include:

• Marriott Marquis Chicago- a luxurious property that features world-class technology and amenities, it contains plush guestrooms with in-room dining service, dry cleaning service, on-site dining, fitness center etc.

• Hyatt Regency McCormick Place –This posh property has stylish guestrooms with facilities like air-conditioning, iPod dock, flat-screen TV, fitness center, business facilities, ensuite bathroom, indoor pool etc.

River North

The River North District is found in the Northern side of Chicago. It has a vibrant nightlife with numerous art galleries. River North is home to lively bars, world-class restaurants, famous nightclubs, and entertainment venues. The neighborhood is good for all types of travelers and some of its hotel recommendations include:

• Hyatt Place River North- a short distance from the Downton area and the Magnificent Mile, this hotel which contains luxurious rooms features amenities such as flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, ensuite bathroom, seating area, dining facility, room service, fitness center and others.

• Godfrey Hotel Chicago- it is found right in the middle of River North. The boutique hotel with comfy guestrooms has amenities such as a work desk, iPod dock, a wet bar, flat-screen TV, ensuite bathroom, safety deposit box, on-site dining, fitness center and much more.

West Loop

This neighborhood is found near the West Side and its home to basketball Legend, Michael Jordan. West Loop is known for the deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hotdog, the blues, National Hellenic Museum, Donald Young Gallery and others. West Loop is good for all types of travelers but most importantly, food lovers. It has two recognized culinary streets, Greektown and Little Italy.

Hotel recommendations in West Loop are such as:

• The Ace Hotel Chicago – it contains well-furnished guestrooms that are air-conditioned, iPod dock, flat-screen TV, ensuite bathroom, fitness center rooftop bar, safety deposit box and others.

• Crowne Plaza – found right in the heart of West Loop, Crowne Plaza has luxurious guestrooms with air-conditioning. Ensuite bathrooms, flat-screen TV, a fitness center, optional breakfast, on-site restaurant, and bar.

Chicago has neighborhoods with accommodations that suit every kind of traveler. Whether you are on honeymoon, a solo-traveler or a group, there is an accommodation that will suit your taste and budget.

How to Get Around Chicago

• Public Transportation

This city has a public transit system that is cheap and efficient. The best way of getting around Chicago is using primary methods of transportation and this includes buses and trains which are operated by Chicago Transit Authority.

• Taxis

If you want some privacy and convenience, this city has numerous taxi options which you can rent.

• Walking and Bicycle Riding

Chicago has beautiful street lanes for walking and pavements where you can ride a bicycle. If you want to feel the cool breeze of the nearby L. Michigan, you can go for an evening stroll near the shores of the lake.

The Best Time to Visit

You can visit Chicago at any time because festivals and events happen every month throughout the year. However, if you want to engage in fun outdoor activities, the summer season is the best time to visit. The weather is usually amazing and there are many outdoor events. Travelers usually take advantage of the warm weather and this means that hotel accommodations usually charge higher rates during the summer season.

What You Need to Know Before Visiting

Traffic is sometimes very congested in this city. Also, if you want to drive around in your personal car, park spaces and gas are very expensive. The best mode of transport is the public transit. If you are visiting this place during winter, ensure that you pack a scarf, hat and layered clothes because this place can be very cold and windy.

Language -The most common and official language that is spoken here is English.

Currency – The United States Dollar ($)

How to Save Money in Chicago

Chicago has world-class amenities and therefore it can be very expensive. If you are planning to take a trip here, below are some of the ways which you can use to save money.

1. Consider Using a City Pass

A city pass such as the Go Chicago Card or the Chicago City Pass will give you more than 50 percent off in admissions at various sites. This includes a 7-day bus and cable car pass. Some of the sites that accept the city pass include Skydeck, 360 Chicago, Field Museum, Art Institute of Chicago and the Shedd Aquarium.

2. Redeem Hotel Points

Ensure that you sign up for the hotel credit cards before you go to Chicago. Hotel Points can be very useful especially in big cities like this one.

3. Visit During the Winter Season

If you can manage the cold weather, then make your travel plans during the winter season. There are numerous deals during winter months as hotels slash down their normal rates and cheap flights are also very easy to come by.

4. Use Rideshares

Instead of renting a taxi on your own, you can save money by using rideshares. Lyft and Uber are much cheaper compared to taxis and they offer the best way of getting around the city. If you don’t want to use a public transport system, you can share a ride with other people and cut down on your transport costs.

5. Go on Free Walking Tours

If you want to learn the history of some of the places you want to visit, go on a walking tour. The Free Chicago Tours offers a number of beautiful and interesting tours. You will be able to learn about the history of the city’s neighborhood, attractions, politics etc. The tours which are offered on daily basis require you to only make your reservations in advance.

Chicago is a great city with amazing history and attractions. The futuristic buildings which are constructed using cutting-edge technology, the amazing art scene, iconic museums, vibrant culture and music scene make this city a grand destination. You will find exotic cuisine, fun nightlife, numerous activities and cool atmosphere. Whether it’s day or night-time, Chicago is live with activities and bubbling with life. You can never regret visiting this city. Its gorgeous skyline which floats over the banks of L. Michigan will leave you feeling nostalgic.